10 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Care for Her Hair

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Hair care is not something that most women think about on a regular basis. We all know that we should wash it and brush it, but beyond that, most of us don’t really put in the effort to really take care of our hair. Most of us can even admit to neglecting our hair from time to time, when we haven’t washed it for days or haven’t brushed it in longer than we can remember.

#1. Hair Color

Unfortunately, not all hair color lasts a lifetime. How do you know when it’s time to revisit your stylist? The color should look as rich and shiny as it did on your first visit. If it doesn’t, touch up those roots! Trust us: if you can spare 20 minutes or so to freshen up those locks, you won’t regret it. (Shampoo daily and consider semi-permanent color treatments.)

#2. Anti-aging benefits

A person’s hair provides many clues about their health, including their stress levels. A study conducted by scientists from The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) showed that those with thicker and more hydrated hair also had lower rates of mortality and cancer, as well as better cognitive function. As we age, our hair gets thinner and drier. If you want to look younger longer, opt for a shampoo and conditioner that contains DHT blockers like ketoconazole or saw palmetto.

#3. Reduces Dandruff

A healthy scalp is a happy scalp, and a happy scalp leads to less shedding. Dandruff isn’t always caused by dry skin; it can be a sign of skin cells breaking down more quickly than usual. Adding a deep-conditioning mask to your weekly routine can help your hair feel stronger and reduce dandruff. You can also massage extra virgin olive oil into your scalp daily as a home remedy for dandruff.

#4. Provides Nourishment & Moisture

Your hair is made up of proteins and amino acids that help give your hair its sheen and flexibility. When these nutrients become damaged, brittle and dry, they can lead to breakage and loss of volume. Shampooing with sulfate-free products helps maintain these crucial nutrients and promotes a healthy scalp environment. Additionally, conditioning at least once a week keeps your locks moisturized. Both of these steps will help reduce breakage and split ends while giving you more luster, volume and shine!

#5. Can Strengthen Weak Hairs

The right shampoo can make even weak, limp, or thinning hair stronger and healthier. Products with salicylic acid help remove excess oil from your scalp and a protein-enriched formula helps rebuild hair strands. This type of treatment is especially helpful if you have a lot of hair breakage due to chemical treatments or heat styling tools.

#6. Prevents Breakage

Brittle, dry hair breaks off and becomes damaged more easily. Since hair follicles can’t stretch beyond a certain point, if hair is brittle it will snap before getting to that point. But with proper care, hair will be stronger and healthier overall. You’ll save yourself from spending money on expensive haircuts (that won’t last).

#7. Protects Against Split Ends

Healthy hair is smooth and sleek, not frizzy or tangled. By taking care of your hair from its roots, you can keep it from becoming a source of embarrassment when you start to notice flyaways in otherwise perfect coifs. Not only will you feel better, but others will notice how amazing your hair looks! When your locks are properly nourished, they’ll also grow faster and won’t break off as easily.

#8. Prevents Frizziness & Tangling

If you’re like me, then you probably don’t wash your hair every day. By skipping a shampoo or two each week, your locks can become dry and frizzy. When you care for your hair properly by washing it only twice per week, applying a leave-in conditioner once per day, and styling with argan oil at night before bed, though, you can help prevent frizziness and tangling in just 10 minutes each week.

#9. Keeps Hair Tamed Even in Humidity

A good moisturizer, oil or serum will keep your tresses soft and tangle-free even when you live in an area with lots of humidity. We all know what happens to frizzy hair when it’s exposed to too much moisture—it expands like a balloon! Not cute. Keeping your hair moisturized will make sure that doesn’t happen, which is why most stylists recommend using these products on any type of curly, wavy or straight hair before going out in humid weather.

#10. Makes Brushing Easier

If you’re struggling to tame your hair each morning, it may be time to reevaluate how often you shampoo. Frequent washing strips your locks of their natural oils and luster, leaving them more prone to frizz and fly-aways. If you’re really struggling with tangles, try adding a dollop of moisturizing conditioner to your warm-water routine and leave it in while you brush or wrap your hair up in a towel for 15 minutes before stepping out into the cold.


Be sure to care for your hair properly. Whether you style it, curl it, shave it or wash it regularly, pay attention to your tresses and they’ll reward you. Healthy hair is beautiful hair! If you’re looking to take better care of your locks, try any one of these natural treatments…

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