23.b. How to stop your child from becoming couch potato?

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Just 5 tricks for the Parents

1.  Fix their routine– Allowing your child to keep lying on the bed even at 11 o’clock is not good for them. A disciplined life is good for everybody. They must follow a fixed routine even on a holiday.

2.  Interact with them– This is very important. If you leave them on their own and expect them to be ideally disciplined children, then don’t mind, you have chosen to live in a fool’s paradise. Believe me, your active involvement with them can do wonders for them. It will definitely not let them become lethargic anymore or getting hooked to the screen. They become couch potatoes because of having nothing better to do. Yes, you will also have to reduce your screen viewing time. Your favorite programs on the telly will need to take a back seat. You can play some indoor games like carom, chess, ludo, scrabble, etc. They need your guidance all the time. 

3.  Fix their study schedule– Well begun is half done. A schedule, if made, will definitely be followed. It will help you keep track of their academic journey. Encourage them to perform well. 

     Clear their concepts. Arouse their interest in the studies. 

4. Physical Activity– Schedule their physical activity as well. An exercise routine is a must.

5. Involve them in-home tasks– Home tasks do not mean only the academic ones only. So many things are done at home and the children can be involved in it. Give them specific responsibilities like arranging the table or bed or cleaning. Send them to buy things from the local market. They will learn a lot and will get away from the ‘couches’ to become ‘potatoes’.

Just 5 Tips for the children

1. Limit your screen viewing timeUnfortunately, the corona pandemic has brought the school into mobile phones, laptops, and computers.
That will continue for some more time.  This screen-time cannot be cut down for the sake of the studies. Therefore, reduce the time spent watching the television, chatting, and playing computer games.

2.  Physical Exercises–  Yes, outdoor playing with your friends is out of the question for the time being but nobody stops you from physical exercises. Make it a routine. Running, jogging,
swimming, walking, and Yoga taking care of the social distancing will help boost your immune
system immensely.

3.  Make academic activity a priority– Academics should always be your prime
focus. These are highly competitive times. Concentrate to grasp the subject and increase the conceptual understanding. Be a shining star.

4.     Read more booksBooks can be your best friends. Even good stories can teach you important lessons. Reading is a very good hobby and can help you learn so much in so many areas.

5. Interact with the eldersYour elders are
rich mines of experience. You can gain a lot of practical knowledge from them. Spend more quality time with them.


Give your child things to do. Don’t allow too much of the screen time. Don’t let it become an addiction. It is harmful for their health and studies. Co-curricular and physical activities are
the best antidotes to save them from this affliction.  


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The author R.C. Verma has taken up this topic to point out the dangers of kids becoming inactive and lazy. Please post your views in the comment box or mail to vermarajesh55@gmail.com




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