5 Key Features Of B2B Business eCommerce Platform You Should Know

Are you thinking of becoming a part of a b2b business eCommerce application or a website? You must have decided this to expand your business across widespread business communities. No matter, if you are a manufacturer, supplier, or reseller, b2b retail platform is a result-oriented digital space to extend your customer base, increase conversions, enhance sales, and enrich the overall profit.

In the current digital age and increasing inclination towards online shopping trends, not just customers, but businesses have many expectations from online platforms. It’s no surprise that registering your business on the business-to-business platform to make you reach new heights.

Concerning the same, it is relevant to know five major features of a business-to-business app before registering.

1.  Customer segmentation & business profile

Product wholesalers deal in bulk quantity buying and selling across the selected customer segment. In the b2b eCommerce marketplace, they find an easy way to segment customer groups based on products, quantity, and other key factors. You can further set order limits, promotions, and shipping requirements as per the desired customer base. Moreover, enable further segregation of customer based on demographics, reorder frequency, catalog selection, order volume, and much more.

2. Specific product catalog for the specific customer base

Apart from the customer group segmentation based on the product type, businesses can further segment the price factor. It means you can create specific product catalogs as per different price models depending on the requirement. You can set the different base prices for any product along with the customized choice of discount or promotional offer accordingly.

3. Enable bulk discounts & volume purchase

Quite often, b2b business shoppers deal in bulk quantity directly from manufacturers on the selected b2b marketplace. Still, there is a scope of adding a particular discount on bulk buying depending on the customer, previous orders, and specific price levels.

4. Minimum order quantity

One of the essential features of an online b2b marketplace is enabling minimum order quantity. With this feature, you have the flexibility to set minimum product availability limits to reduce losses and increase profit. Whenever any customer fails to meet the minimum order quantity requirement, then it will not be allowed to place the order.

5. Flexible payment options

For different retail businesses to buy and sell collaboratively, b2b online marketplace features special payment options. It includes cash, purchase orders, credit check on file, checks, and various others. All such payment options are available for dealing seamlessly with several businesses and making lasting relations ahead.


Becoming a part of the online b2b marketplace is not just necessary but mandatory to grow higher and expand your reach beyond boundaries. Successfully register with the b2b app and start selling bulk to various customers.

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