7 Highly Effective Account-Based Marketing Tactics

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June 28, 2021·5 min readImplementing the right account-based marketing tactics are key to engage with today’s B2B buyers. From video to physical gifts, we share the top ABM tactics to capture your prospect’s attention.

Business buyers have a higher expectation of personalization than the average consumer, but when decision-makers are often groups rather than individuals, it can be tough to personalize marketing efforts. That’s where account-based marketing tactics come in.

  1. Contents
  2. 1.What Is Account-Based Marketing?
  3. 2.7 Account-Based Marketing Tactics for B2B Organizations
  4. 2.1 Tailor Content Topics to Target Audience Needs
  5. 2.2 Slice and Dice Your Data
  6. 2.3 Separate Customer Testimonials into Tiers
  7. 2.4 Record Explainer and Thought Leadership Videos
  8. 2.5 Create a Templated Video for Sales to Customize
  9. 2.6 Go the Extra Mile with IRL Gifts
  10. 2.7 Target Key Accounts with Digital Ads

What Is Account-Based Marketing?

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a strategic approach where B2B marketing efforts are focused on highly targeted accounts that have been identified as a good fit for the business.

Also known as key account marketing, ABM requires close alignment between marketing and sales to identify and market directly to specific individual organizations.

A whopping 84% of companies say ABM delivers a higher return on investment (ROI) than other types of marketing, according to data from the Information Technology Services Marketing Association.

B2B marketers take note—you don’t want to be left behind!

Learn from the Pros

In an episode of our vodcast series, The Sales Stage, our hosts (and Vidyard sales reps) Jimmy and Reva chat about the implications for sales on launching and managing an account-based marketing program. They cover the highs and lows and the importance of sales and marketing being closely aligned with it comes to launching a successful ABM program.

7 Account-Based Marketing Tactics for B2B Organizations

The following are some proven account-based marketing tactics—choose a few that make sense for your business and start testing!

1. Tailor Content Topics to Target Audience Needs

Whether you’re creating blogs, webinars, eBooks, or guides, choosing content topics based on the pain points and needs of your target accounts is an effective way to capture their attention.

Rather than using generalized topics, drill down into the specifics that you know your most important prospects care about.

2. Slice and Dice Your Data

If your business generates original data to create reports and other content, it can be a virtual goldmine for your ABM activities.

When creating a large-scale report, think about how the data can be segmented and repurposed to tailor it to a targeted account.

Take your main report or asset, separate out and repackage stats specific to certain industries, business sizes, maturity levels, and more. Not only does it work for our ABM activities, but it also can give you more bang for your buck out of the data.

3. Separate Customer Testimonials into Tiers

Likewise, there are a lot of opportunities to customize customer testimonials so that the content feels relevant for a targeted account.

Start by creating some keystone testimonials that look at some of the more common use cases for your product and can be shared broadly. Then, create targeted customer stories for specific market segments or key accounts.

You can’t do high-production video shoots for all of your customer testimonials, so why not get some of your customers to record their own videos so you can still share dynamic video content to complement your written story, but don’t have to blow the budget.

See it in Action

In fact, we use the low budget approach often. Here’s an example we did working with Bethany Bohme, a top Account Executive at MediaValet. She simply used Vidyard, her headset, and a webcam to record this testimonial. Our video team then added a few edits and graphical elements.

Create a library of these micro-testimonials that your sales team can draw from to share real examples for your account-based marketing tactics.

4. Record Explainer and Thought Leadership Videos

For the best results with video when using account-based marketing tactics, aim to create a library of video content (similar to the library of posts you might have on a blog) that can be baked into nurture programs or drawn upon by sales teams.

Explainer videos are an excellent content type for ABM because they often address customer (or prospect) questions. Similarly, thought leadership videos can be effective in establishing your organization within the industry.

5. Create a Templated Video for Sales to Customize

Highly customized videos are great for tier one accounts. It’s also important to have scalable options for tier two and three organizations.

For these, we create a templated, or personalized video that sales reps can personalize so that it’s easier to tailor our content for ABM at scale. Our personalized holiday campaign—which had a click-through rate (CTR) 157% higher than the industry average—is an excellent example of this.

A next-level step for teams who’ve had luck with direct mail, sending physical gifts to prospects. This can foster a connection with prospects at key accounts—and get the target company talking—when done right.

That’s the key. You need to do your homework and learn enough about the prospect to be able to select and send something they’re sure to love.

Sruthi Kumar, Global Marketing Manager at Sendoso (a platform that delivers direct mail, swag, and gifts), sent out bottles of wine to her top targets one quarter. Her company’s logo was etched on the side. It worked beautifully because it was something the prospects were excited to take home.

A coworker of hers went above and beyond for a target account at Amazon. She found out her prospect was having a baby and that she owned a bulldog. She sent her a onesie that says, “My Big Brother is a Bulldog.” Not only did the prospect love it, it got her team members talking and built brand awareness.

7. Target Key Accounts with Digital Ads

As with any campaign, ads are a great way to gain coverage. Digital ads allow you to get your message in front of everyone you want to see the message.

And, of course, ads are measurable, allowing teams to track results and see what’s working (and what isn’t). Sales teams can use data to prioritize their efforts and target the right people at the right time.

When Allie Butters, Director of Marketing at Terminus (an ABM platform for sales and marketing), and her team served ads to prospects, they got higher open and response rates on emails sent to those same people.

In one instance, Allie put together a highly-targeted ad for project management software company LeanKit. When prospects clicked, they were taken to a customized UberFlip stream of content tailored to them. Allie also coordinated with the sales rep to send out personalized video using Vidyard.

While looking for the right mix of account-based marketing tactics, be sure to think about how they interact with one another. Like in Allie’s example where ads worked in tandem with tailored content and personalized video.

Additional ABM Tactics and Advice

In this on-demand webinar hosted by the ABM Alliance, experts from Vidyard and Punch share more on how video plays a key part in your overall ABM program success.

This post was originally published on October 4, 2018. It was updated on June 28, 2021.

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