$39,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Friendly,tikyweb.com,Women's,/Arhauaco1990501.html,Traverse,Bib,Eco,Overalls,Arctix $39 Arctix Women's Eco Friendly Traverse Bib Overalls Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation $39,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Friendly,tikyweb.com,Women's,/Arhauaco1990501.html,Traverse,Bib,Eco,Overalls,Arctix $39 Arctix Women's Eco Friendly Traverse Bib Overalls Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Arctix Women's Eco Challenge the lowest price of Japan Friendly Bib Traverse Overalls Arctix Women's Eco Challenge the lowest price of Japan Friendly Bib Traverse Overalls

Arctix Women's Eco Challenge the lowest price of Japan Max 67% OFF Friendly Bib Traverse Overalls

Arctix Women's Eco Friendly Traverse Bib Overalls


Arctix Women's Eco Friendly Traverse Bib Overalls

Product description

If you love the great outdoors and enjoy staying warm, then these are the bibs for you! ARCTIX will take care of you for all levels of outdoor activity. These bibs have STRETCH added to give you even more comfort and mobility. We use our signature THERMATECH insulation to provide tremendous warmth without a lot of bulky padding. Our THERMALOCK coated fabric offers a higher degree of resistance to the elements of cold, wind and water while maintaining an optimal level of breathability. ARCTIX products were laboratory tested and certified to keep you warm in temperatures ranging from -20 to plus 35 degrees F. Pair these awesome hi-tech features with thoughtful touches like multiple zippered hand warmer pockets, boot zippers makes for an easy transition from boot to shoe, ballistic military quality fabric at the ankle and hem to guard against scuffs, internal boot gaiters. Sizing options include a Short 29" inseam (5'1" – 5'4" heights), Regular 31" inseam (5'5" – 5'8"), and Tall 33" inseam (5'9" – 6'1"). All in all, you will have a pair of one of the best-selling snow pants that work just as hard as you do. Don’t take our word for it, put these pants to the test! Don’t forget to try ARCTIX jackets, gloves and boots for the perfect winter ensemble to keep you warmer, drier, happier, longer!

야외 활동을 좋아하고 따뜻하게 지내는 것을 즐기신다면 이 턱받이가 여러분을 위한 것입니다! ARCTIX는 모든 수준의 야외 활동을 위해 여러분을 보호해 드립니다. 이 턱받이는 신축성이 더해져 더욱 편안하고 움직일 수 있습니다. 저희는 시그니처 THERMATECH 단열재를 사용하여 부피가 큰 패딩 없이 엄청난 보온성을 제공합니다. THERMALOCK 코팅 원단은 최적의 통기성을 유지하면서 추위, 바람 및 물 요소에 대한 높은 수준의 저항을 제공합니다. ARCTIX 제품은 실험실 테스트를 거쳐 섭씨 -20도에서 35도 이내의 온도에서 따뜻함을 유지하도록 인증을 받았습니다. 이 멋진 하이테크 기능을 여러 개의 지퍼가 달린 핸드 워머 포켓과 같은 사려 깊은 손길과 짝을 이루어 부츠에서 신발, 발목 및 밑단의 탄도 군용 품질의 원단으로 흠집이나 내부 부츠 게이터를 보호합니다. 사이즈 옵션에는 짧은 73.7cm(29인치) 안쪽 솔기 (177cm(5피트 1인치) – 177cm(5피트 4인치) 높이, 레귤러 78.7cm(31인치) 안쪽 솔기 (177.7cm(5피트 5인치 – 5피트 8인치), 톨 83.8cm(5피트 9인치 – 6피트 1인치)가 포함됩니다. 무엇보다도, 당신만큼 열심히 작동하는 베스트셀러 스노우 팬츠 중 하나를 갖게 될 것입니다. 우리의 말을 그대로 듣지 마세요, 이 바지를 시험해 보세요! ARCTIX 재킷, 장갑 및 부츠를 착용해 완벽한 겨울 앙상블을 연출해 보세요. 따뜻하고 건조하며 행복하며 오래 입을 수 있습니다

From the manufacturer

Tackle any weather with ARCTIX

Arctix Women's Eco Friendly Traverse Bib Overalls

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Yield Rates for the Class of 2025

After many colleges reported all-time low acceptance rates, some students might be curious about their yield rates, or just how many of these admitted applicants have chosen to enroll.

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