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American Twitch streamer Adin Ross, aged twenty-five, is known for his streaming games, such as GTA V and Fortnite. Ross is currently one of the most popular Twitch streamers and has over 4.1 million subscribers. Since January 2014, Ross has been posting a variety of comedy and lifestyle videos to YouTube. Ross’s YouTube channel “Adin Live”, has 1.28 million subscribers. Adin Ross created two alternative YouTube channels in January 2021 under the names “Adin Ross”, and “Extra Adin,” and they have garnered 670k, 68.6k, and respectively, 68.6k subscribers, respectively.

Adin Ross is a Boca Raton native and is Jewish. Adin Ross has a younger sister, Naomi. He spent most of his childhood living in Fresno (California). Adin Ross was raised in an unstable household. His parents were “on-off” and Ross moved around quite a lot as a child. Ross was a high school student in Fresno. He revealed that he was stabbed in the back in his sleep by a mentally unstable relative when he was nine years old. Ross was apparently given nine stitches to his arm by the relative after he was arrested. Adin Ross also shared his struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts during live streams. Twitch streaming, gaming and other media have helped him to cope.

What is Adin Ross’s total net worth?

As of 2022, Adin Ross’ net worth was $2 million. Ross began streaming regularly on Twitch in 2019, although he was previously known to have hosted live streams during high school. Adin Ross had less 200k followers as of August 2020.

He has gained a lot of fame on the platform and is now well-known worldwide. Ross rose in popularity after hosting live streams featuring Corinna Kopf, Turner “Tfue”, Tenney’s ex-girlfriend and content creator.

He has over 55k subscribers on Twitch, making him the 4th most popular channel on the platform. He is expected to see an increase in his earnings and net worth over the next few months as he has become one the most popular Twitch streamers.

What platform does Adin Ross stream from?

Adin Ross only streams live on Twitch. Adin Ross was a keen Twitch streamer and gamer from a young age. He has also revealed that he had previously skipped his high school prom in order to stream on Twitch. Ross’s success on Twitch is due to many factors. He has also started to be active on YouTube. Adin Ross now posts about 5-7 videos per week to his YouTube channels. His content ranges from comedy and gaming to lifestyle topics. He streams only on Twitch, but is active on Twitter and Instagram as well as TikTok.

What is Adin Ross’s annual salary?

Adin Ross’s income is expected to come mainly from his Twitch channel and YouTube channels. His earnings are expected to increase significantly as Ross has seen a lot of success over the last year. Ross currently has over 50k Twitch subscribers, which should lead to earnings of $150-200k just from Twitch, not counting the donations he receives. Adin Ross receives between 20-25 million and 30k views each month on his YouTube channels, which should translate into around $20-30k in monthly earnings. Adin Ross will also be expected to make a lot of money through sponsorship deals. Ross recently misunderstoodly disclosed that he makes around $2 million per monthly from one of his gambling sponsors. However, not much information is available about the deals he signed in the past.

Adin Ross’ monthly earnings are approximately $3-5 million. As he has built a substantial following over the past months, 2021 will undoubtedly be the most successful year for the Twitch streamer. His earnings could also increase in the coming months.

Adin Ross’ Twitch career

Adin Ross began streaming on Twitch regularly in 2019, though his first streams were uploaded towards October 2019. His NBA 2K content was his first major draw. He played regularly against other YouTubers and content creators, even though he didn’t initially attract a lot of viewers. Through the “Always Excelling”, a NBA 2K group, he was able meet NBA legend LeBron Jam’s son Bronny. LeBron joined a conference call in June 2020 with his son, and ended up talking to Adin Ross.

Adin Ross didn’t reach 100k followers on Twitch until July 2020. He also tried hosting “e-dates” streams, where people use Discord to find “dates”. He is part of the content creation group “SSB” or “Stacy’s Stepbrothers,” which includes Bronny James.

Adin Ross had reached 500k Twitch followers by December 2020 and was averaging more than 20k viewers per stream. Adin Ross also owns a GTA V server called “SSBWrld”. Creators like Travis Scott, xQc and the Canadian rapper “Nav”, have all played on this server before.

Adin Ross was the first content creator to join the Clout Gang 2.0 alongside Mike Majlak, FaZe Banks and FaZe. Corinna Kopf was featured in several Adin Ross streams in February 2021. Rumours of them dating emerged after they were seen kissing in a live stream. Both denied the rumors, and stated that they were only friends. Adin Ross gained popularity quickly in the weeks that followed the incident. In February 2021, he had 800k followers. However, he had more than 4 million followers by April 10th. This number has fallen to 4.1million at the moment.

After being caught twice singing “Who I Smoke” during his streams, he had a heated argument with Charles “Julio Foolio” Jones in April 2021. Adin Ross invited Foolio to participate in a live stream after the beef. Adin Ross was banned from Twitch on 10 April 2021 after YouTuber Zik Zias Asiegbu called him “fa**ot”. Ross was not present in the room, but he was allowed to stream again on the 12th of April.

Adin Ross was also expelled for 24 hours on May 12th after streaming inappropriate content via a “GTA V” stream. Adin Ross and Chance “Sodapoppin’ Morris got into an argument after Adin Ross and Nick “NMPlol” Polom made comments about Adin Ros’ fan base, and how Corinna Kopf helped him rise in popularity.

In April, Ludwig called Adin Ross “king of Normie content,” which Ross opposed. Ludwig claimed later that Adin Ross had used the term “normie”, and it was not necessary for him to be offended. After FaZe Banks arranged a conference call between Adin Ros and Ludwig and HasanAbi, the content creators appeared to have reconciled. Ross stated that he respected the creators and that he does not have any “bad blood”.

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Adin Ross’ YouTube Profile

Adin Ross, like Twitch has seen a large portion of his YouTube followers grow in the past year. His first video was posted on the platform in November 2019, and he had 500k subscribers by the end 2020. Adin Ross has 1.28million subscribers to the “AdinLive” channel and approximately 750k on the other two. Although his original YouTube content was primarily about gaming, he has been posting videos on general lifestyle topics in recent months.

Earnings as YouTuber

Adin Ross has been able to generate between 20-30 million views through his YouTube accounts. This figure is expected to increase in the future. This should be a good indicator.

This will translate to approximately $20-40k per monthly, which is roughly $250-300k

per month. Adin Ross’ popularity is growing and he is expected to make a lot of money in the future. His earnings are mainly from Twitch for now.

Earnings as Twitch streamer

Adin Ross is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch in recent months. His channel currently has over 50k subscribers. This makes him the 4th most subscribed streamer. While his subscriber count fluctuates regularly, Adin Ross expects to make $1-1.5 million through Twitch. This includes donations, ads revenue and direct earnings from subscribers. These numbers will continue to rise in the future, which will lead to an increase in his overall earnings.

Other sponsorship deals

As with most details about Adin’s life, there is not much information about the brand deals he has signed. Adin Ross revealed that he makes around $2 million per month from just one of his gambling sponsors during a live stream. In the coming months, more information will be available.

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Adin Ross lives in Los Angeles, California. Along with FaZe Banks and Sommer Ray, Adin Ross recently purchased a $30 million home. Although not much information is available about his total expenditures, he is expected live a luxurious lifestyle and is on his way to becoming one of the most prominent Twitch streamers around the globe at 20.

The News

Adin Ross, along with Bronny James, is part of the “Always excelling” NBA 2K team since February 2020. He owns a GTA V server named the “SSBWrld” and has joined the “Clout Gang2.0” with Bryan “RiceGum”, FaZe Banks and Mike Majlak, ex-host of “Impaulsive”.

His collaboration with Corinna Head for streams has helped him gain popularity. Rumours of the couple dating were circulating since they met during a live stream. Adin Ross later dispelled the rumors, stating that they are just “friends.”

Adin Ross’s beef with Ludwig, Sodapoppin and Nmplol had also led to a Twitch war with RiceGum and FaZe Banks supporting the streamer. RiceGun and Adin Ros criticized Ludwig, HasanAbi and Sodapoppin, and Nmplol in particular. Ross believed that Sodapoppin and Ludwig had insulted him fan-bases and that they were unfunny streamers. FaZe Banks called Ludwig during a live stream, and the beef was over. Ludwig picked up the call, having HasanAbi (and Mizkif) with him. Adin Ross stated that Adin Ross became a little too emotional about the situation and ended up patching things up.

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