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Ombre Straight Human Hair Max 76% OFF Burgundy Two-tone 1Bundle 1B 100% 99J Rare

Ombre Straight Human Hair Burgundy 1B/99J 1Bundle Two-tone 100%


Ombre Straight Human Hair Burgundy 1B/99J 1Bundle Two-tone 100%

Product Description

ANNORA is a company that sells wig products, and her goal is to get more women to use our products. We have various wig products to satisfy our customers. We have our own wig factory, and we have all kinds of hairstyles. Our wigs can be used for parties, weddings, Halloween, Christmas, not just for everyday use.


Hair Parameter:

(1)Hair Material:100% Unprocessed Remy human hair.Grade 8A Brazilian virgin human hair.No synthetic.

(2)Texture:1bundle/3 Bundles/3+1Lace Closure.

(3)Hair Colour:Omber Brown / Omber Burgundy

(4)Hair Length:10" 12" 14" 16" 18" 20" 22" 24" Provide any mix length according request.

(5)Hair Type: Straight hair, according to their preferences, can be shaped.

(6)Hair weft: Machine double weft.

(7)Hair quality: Tangle free, soft.

(8)Related Style: Straight, Curly, Body wave.

Kind Notes:

All Items are for Real Showing. For display, light, Environmental Reasons may be a Slight Deviation; Please Understand.


Factory strength

Xuchang ANNORA hair products co, LTD has been producing wigs in China since 2005. We have our own factory, mature technology. We are located in Xuchang, China-- the biggest human hair production center, which is a reliable manufacturer of 100% human Remy hair and 100% virgin natural hair.








Exhibition hall

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Wig Body Wave Curly Wave Clip Hair Ponytail

Ombre Straight Human Hair Burgundy 1B/99J 1Bundle Two-tone 100%

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