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Marketing is an art, and it’s never been more important to master the skills that will help you succeed. It can be challenging to know where to start with so many marketing tools available, but Wix has many great resources on its website that will help you get your business off the ground quickly.

OSI Affiliate Software

OSI Affiliate Software can be a helpful marketing tool for you to use. Marketers need to have more intelligent methods of following up on their leads, and it’s one way of getting in front of your prospects.

It is an exciting tool because it is a referral marketing tool that allows your customers to promote your products and services for you. With it, you can enable your customers to set up a referral account so that they can promote your brand to their family and friends.

Affiliate & Referral Marketing by BOLD

Referral marketing is when people earn profits by referring others to businesses or by selling a company’s product for commission on their site.

Affiliate marketing is when a company sends its products to partners (i.e., other sites online) to sell the products within their websites and pocket a percentage of each sale as an affiliate fee without setting up the website themselves.

You will be able to do both with Affiliate and Referral Marketing by BOLD. It is a fantastic tool that combines the power of the two.


PostPilot lets you reply, edit or create posts from your desktop. Simply put, it is a posting and managing tool for marketers who need to monitor the entire range of social media channels to stay in touch with their target audience.

PostPilot is designed for the quick and easy creation of posts. It can be used in conjunction with conventional account management software like Hootsuite or Buffer that one may use to schedule postings in advance (for example, at certain times on specific days). The app makes it possible to quickly post content from different accounts into one stream that will be automatically displayed across all connected platforms. If needed, you can edit posts later on if more information becomes available or the situation changes.


Linkr is a marketing tool that helps companies analyze and monitor the sentiment of their content – their opinion, feelings, or emotional state. They also provide five tools to help track attitudes like customer satisfaction, follower sentiment, general public sentiment. Other features include finding influencers, monitoring and nurturing relationships, sourcing social media content, and helping to find the attitude of customers that visit sites like Drum Set Lab.


Invitebox is a marketing tool that helps people gain more followers and subscribers. Invitebox discovered the engagement email as being one of the most beneficial tools for any marketer. Technology changes, people’s behaviors evolve, but people still respond to what we know best-their friends and family inviting them to events or experiences.

Invitebox provides you with a service that puts you in control of your event invites (what days they send out invitations to attendees) by giving you all your contact’s emails and sending them an automatically generated invitation on whatever schedule you prefer. With everything automated, it frees up your time so you can focus on the critical aspects of your business.

Hello Referrals

Hello Referrals offers a cloud-based referral tracking dashboard that helps marketing and sales teams to manage, track, analyze and reward referrals. Besides the many popular social media channels like Twitter or Facebook, Hello Referrals is also connected to LinkedIn by native API integration.

Product managers at Hello Referrals have set up the software for integration with blogging platforms to provide a comprehensive solution for managing referrals from any channel at any time in one interface. Similarly, there is content marketing integration for monitoring orders through all channels as they progress through each stage of their lifecycle.

AAA ‑ Affiliate Marketing PRO

AAA Affiliate Marketing PRO is a powerful tool for affiliates, advertisers, and affiliate networks. We reduce the associated costs of managing your campaign by up to 50% so you can focus more on creating great content and driving traffic.

AAA Pro is an online marketing platform that simplifies choosing products to promote in any industry or niche through affiliate marketing. You can find just about any type of product imaginable when researching our products. Companies such as Hunting Bow Lab use it to get a network of influencers to promote the products that it recommends.

Octaplus Affiliate

Octaplus is a marketing tool that helps you make money by recommending products to your social media connections.

OctaPlus Affiliate is a generic term for any online company that runs an affiliate program. As the name implies, they pay people like us to introduce them to new customers through our reviews, tweets, etc. These companies offer different types of deals with loads of discounts and cashback deals that can get you a free product if you decide to shop through them instead of going directly through the retailer, so long as their company makes some profit from your transactions.


LinkTrack is a marketing tool that provides detailed information about a link’s performance, including metrics such as # of clicks, conversion rate, and more.

Analytics for every link with standard email and push notifications to know when you have links performing well or not so well – real-time analytics for Links to learn from your past failures and successes.

LinkTrack makes it easy to stay organized by providing all the data you need in one place on the web. LinkTrack is your one-stop-shop for tracking new, old, expired, and shared links!

Rocket Referrals

Rocket Referrals provides a recruiting solution for tech companies that are looking to develop their web presence. The marketing tool allows tech companies to build their inbound lead pipeline while amplifying engaging content on social media. So when you want more qualified leads for your company, Rocket Referrals will send them straight to your inbox.

In this post, we have gone over some of our favorite Wix Marketing Tools. We hope this blog post has given you some ideas about what kind of marketing tools might work best for your needs, as well as where to find them! Let us know what kind of tools you’d like to see in the future by commenting below.

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