Billy Strings Opens Up About His Fiancée Being His Tour Manager

Ally Dale is his fiancee. Ally was his tour manager and country singer Billy Stringsopens their eyes to the important role Dale held.

Billy Strings talked about Dale’s job as his tour manager during an interview on NPR’s World Cafe. “She stepped down recently as tour manager and we got Jason to fill in. And she is pursuing her own path. It’s amazing. This is what I had always wanted.

Billy Strings described Dale’s impact on the tour management industry by saying, “When she joined the van and jumped in it, that was that.” It was a van. She was like, “Ok. I’m stepping up.” I’m helping out merch and this is what I do. It went from one van with five people to about 20 people on two or more tour buses. There were also a few semi-trucks that were loaded with sound equipment and lights.

Billy Strings thanked Dale for his dedication and hard work in his career. “It’s as if she built this up to this. It’s amazing. This just shows how capable she really is in all things.

Billy Strings said that his fiancee is working on a project and added, “So now she’s doing some mindfulness and is studying yoga teacher stuff that she’s really interested in.” That’s what I love about it. It’s awesome.”

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Billy Strings refers To His Album “Renewal” As Being Emotional

In an October 2021 interview, The Bluegrass Condition interviewed Billy Strings about his last-year’s album Renewal. I listen to this album right now, and it’s quite emotional. I could just sit and tweak it for hours. 

However, it comes to a point where you feel like you’re building a house out of cards. Yes, I could add an additional tower on top. But it could collapse. I’ve always doubted myself. And I still do. But, this album makes it clear to me that you are doing a great job. It’s just a matter of persevering.

Billy Strings shared his journey so far in discussing his career. When I was 19, I started playing 200 gigs each year on the road. I thought I was untouchable, invincible. I was confident that I could drive the van, sell merch and book hotels. I also believed that I could settle down at night, write songs, perform the shows, and handle everything. It was all on me.”

Billy Strings admitted that there were moments when it was difficult. “But then I hit a wall. I suddenly felt fragile and scared of everything. Anxiety was really what got me down. These panic attacks became so severe that my entire body went into convulsions.

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