Briefly describe the treatment of the Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)?

The falling and breaking hair becomes more critical day by day. Masses always try to correct these hair fall issues with the help of several oral methods such as natural herbs, cosmetic products, etc. There is no doubt that these products may help stop breaking and thinning hair, but when people stop using these products, hair breaking and thinning issues will arise again. In a nutshell, masses do not get any permanent relief from hair problems. Therefore, they commence seeking a consistent solution: hair transplant surgery. The Best Hair Transplant Doctor In Ludhiana says hair transplant surgeries are the effective and efficient way to grow your hair, whether these are breaking, thinning, falling, or baldness.

Furthermore, recently, hair experts announced a new technique that is non-surgical and very efficient in giving natural-looking and healthy hair, the PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) therapy. You can opt for this procedure at PRP Therapy in Jalandhar.

Define working of the PRP therapy?

The PRP therapy contains two essential elements that help grow your hair smoothly and uninterruptedly: plasma and blood. Platelets refer to the blood cells that improve the healing energy of the human body. Platelets are rich in clotting abilities and growth factors that help regenerate tissues in your body that enhance healing power. Platelet-rich plasma is the blood with a massive value of palettes.

How to create palette-rich plasma: For this process, a doctor will take the patient’s blood sample and put it into a centrifuge that spins the blood sample vert quickly and apart components of blood from platelets and adds into the plasma to enhance the growth factor of your hair. How your doctor performs PRP therapy:

  • A clinician draws blood from your vein in the arm.

  • Then, put this blood sample into the centrifuge.

  • This device (centrifuge) spins the blood and a parting the blood components.

  • With the help of the syringe, a professional medical extracts the platelets.

  • In the end, transfer these palettes into your scalp with an injection.

How effective is PRP?

In 2019, a team of medical scientists researched PRP as an effective treatment for hair loss. This formula of PRP was tested on 262 people suffering from the issue of androgenetic alopecia (hair loss type). After giving the injections of PRP, doctors found that it will decrease the problem of hair fall or hair loss and stimulate the density & diameter of hair growth of the masses.

Hence, after this research, people commence having this hair treatment as it rebuilds their damaging hair follicles without surgery or transplantation. You need to undergo direct injections into your hair and scalp.

How effective is PRP therapy?

As the PRP therapy uses the patient’s blood, there is no risk of severe infections. On the contrary, you may face the following issues while having PRP treatment:

  • Tenderness in the scalp.

  • Headache and swelling on the infectious site.

  • Bleeding (rarely occurs on the injection site)

  • Itching and irritation in the treated area.

  • Minor pain (on injection site).

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