The Power Of Meditation and Self Introspection

ATTENTION, ADDICTION AND MEDITATION Swamiji has always emphasized keeping one’s attention pure. How can attention be pure? We either focus on the good or the bad. If our attention is on the good then we are attracting positive vibrations and if we focus on the negative then our attention becomes deluded. Attention directly impacts the … Read more

Top 6 Indoor Activities to Do in Calgary

Calgary is one of the most popular destinations to fly into when visiting the Rocky Mountains because it is located on the doorstep of the Rocky Mountains and has a huge international airport. While Calgary’s location allows for several fantastic outdoor activities, there are also a plethora of Calgary indoor activities to enjoy. That’s correct; there … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Face Painting in Boston

What’s a party without face painting? This service offers the perfect paint for your favorite person’s smile, from special events like birthdays and weddings to parties between Halloween nights. The artists will apply virtual makeup with acrylic paints that last until it fades naturally without leaving any unwanted residue on teeth/features. However, some practice can … Read more