How to Use AI to Bolster Your Customer Journey

Reading Time: 21 minutes Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could skyrocket your lead-to-sales conversions to new heights? Most business owners struggle with this. Data shows that a whopping 79% of leads never convert to sales. This highlights how challenging it can be to move leads through the customer funnel journey. The good news is, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can … Read more

A Quick Guide to Crushing Quotas with Video for Sales

Reading Time: 28 minutes May 18, 2021·9 min readDiscover why video selling is the most powerful tool in your arsenal, what types of sales videos to make, when to use them, how to get your team on board, and more. It’s easy to understand why people are more honest, agreeable, and willing to do deals face-to-face, because looking someone … Read more

How do we upskill and reskill for the future of workforce and workplace?

Reading Time: 7 minutes The workplace and the workforce as we know it has changed – and organizations need to figure out ways to increase connectivity and a sense of belonging, regardless of where employees are – says Laura Quigley, senior vice-president for Asia Pacific at Integral Ad Science. Companies are emerging from the pandemic into a workplace of … Read more

Part 1: The Secret Weapon To Help Your Team Do More… With Less – Litmus

Reading Time: 7 minutes Earlier this week at Litmus Live Week, we shared that 78% of marketers said email is very important to business success (up 7% from last year). Well, if you’re like me—proudly in email marketing for ~15 years—you’ve known that for quite some time. As I’ve developed teams, one thing I always find myself asking: How … Read more

Affiliate Marketing for Complete Beginners: Lessons from Monthly $500k Affiliate Marketer John Crestani – DigitalMarketer

Reading Time: < 1 minute Affiliate Marketing for Complete Beginners: Lessons from Monthly $500k Affiliate Marketer John Crestani – DigitalMarketer Affiliate Marketing for Complete Beginners: Lessons from Monthly $500k Affiliate Marketer John Crestani – DigitalMarketer #Affiliate #Marketing #Complete #Beginners #Lessons #Monthly #500k #Affiliate #Marketer #John #Crestani #DigitalMarketer

20 Creative Restaurant Contest Ideas Your Customers Will Love

Reading Time: 32 minutes Do you own a restaurant, or do marketing for one? One of the best ways to drive interested, local business for your restaurant is to run a social media contest. It’s exciting, engaging, and awesome for getting more people through the door. I’ve put together 20 awesome restaurant contest ideas for your next social … Read more

Google: Keep Redirects Live For One Year

Reading Time: 4 minutes Google’s Gary Illyes advises keeping redirects in place for at least one year in order to ensure ranking signals are passed permanently. While Google has previously recommended keeping redirects live for a year or longer, it was more of a general best practice and not something that was known to directly impact ranking signals. Now … Read more

Best Commercial Fire Alarm Systems Compared By Crazy Egg

Reading Time: 28 minutes Disclosure: This content is reader-supported, which means if you click on some of our links that we may earn a commission. We spent an entire week researching the most capable commercial fire alarm systems on the planet. Our research indicates that the Honeywell Notifier system is the best for most people. It is cost-effective, covers … Read more

Apple Starts Gathering Your Personal Data in the Name of “Privacy” | AWeber

Reading Time: 15 minutes By Tom Kulzer June 15, 2021 I fear that many users will check the Apple “privacy” box and think that no one can see what they are doing online. They couldn’t be more wrong. Last week, Apple unveiled new Mail app privacy features for the upcoming iOS 15 and MacOS Monterey releases expected in September. … Read more

Introducing a Better Way to Engage With Your Instagram Audience

Reading Time: 14 minutes What if I told you engaging with your customers on Instagram can double or triple your revenue? That’s exactly what happened to Southern Elegance Candle Co. as its founder and CEO D’Shawn Russell told us: “Our social media makes us a lot of money… We went from doing maybe $20,000-30,000 a month just posting pretty … Read more