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The relationship between gut flora and one’s immune system and metabolic health has long been recognised. However, when it comes to their influence on our thinking, how they improve our mood generally, and how they treat depression and other mental health issues, researchers have only just begun to scratch the surface. Numerous research have been conducted that support the beneficial effects of Colon Hydrotherapy in combating the rising issue of anxiety and depressive disorders.

Researchers have been paying more and more attention to the gut microbiota and its crucial role in human health, which has led to a growing understanding of Colonic Hydrotherapy as a depression and anxiety therapy. This is based on the expanding knowledge of the close relationship between the stomach, gastrointestinal system, and brain.

Experts claim that the microbes in your gut create and express neurotransmitters that have an impact on your mood, sleep, and hunger. They may also be able to reset our stress response, support cognitive function, and lessen inflammation, which is known to be a factor in depression.

The following are three studies that examine how probiotic supplements can help with depression prevention or treatment and were published in 2019:

  • Probiotic food consumption has been associated by researchers, particularly among males, to decreased prevalence and severity of depression.

They conducted a cross-sectional examination of data comprising 26,118 individuals and discovered that those who consumed the most probiotic-rich meals had considerably lower levels of both self-reported clinical depression and the severity of their depression.

Men who ate the most meals high in probiotics also showed considerably less clinical depression.

  • 34 controlled clinical studies were utilised in a meta-analysis to examine how prebiotics and Colon Hydrotherapy affected anxiety and depression. Probiotics were shown to have modest yet substantial impacts on anxiety and sadness.
  • Another team of researchers investigated the probiotic bacterium Lactobacillus paracasei PS23’s potential to operate as an antidepressant when administered to rats that had been fed corticosteroids to induce depression. The Colonic Hydrotherapy’s ability to cure persistent corticosterone-induced anxiety and depressive-like behaviours has been demonstrated for both live and heat-killed variants of the organism.

Previous studies from the Netherlands found that gut bacteria do have an impact on cognitive performance and negative thinking. In a four-week study of 40 healthy people, the researchers discovered a substantial reduction among negative thoughts in probiotic supplementation recipients compared to placebo recipients. Additionally, the Colon Hydrotherapy group showed less cognitive responses to melancholy.


Colonic Hydrotherapy has received much research due to their remarkable immune system advantages, which range from shortening and mildening cold episodes to boosting resistance to respiratory infections in infants throughout the first few years of life. Probiotics have been shown to be effective in treating depression in several studies, and it’s about time they were further investigated for their potent antidepressant properties.

To restore a healthy intestinal flora, getting a Colonic Hydrotherapy treatment might be a terrific place to start. It can help to get rid of the bad bacteria that we might harbour, and when combined with a balanced diet that includes some fermented foods, it can improve both your microbiome and mental health overall.


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