Contact lenses: What to know before you buy

A thin, curved, clear contact lens is applied to the surface of the eye to provide clearer vision. The tear coating that protects your cornea allows these lenses to float. A contact lens is a medical device that is recommended for eyesight correction or for aesthetic purposes. Compared to glasses, contact lenses are more comfortable while driving, participating in sports, and other outdoor activities.

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several kinds of contact lenses

Contact lenses for presbyopia are available in a variety of materials, including: hard lenses, gas permeable lenses, RPG lenses, soft lenses, daily lenses, extended lenses, tonic lenses, and decorative lenses.

Contact lenses’ benefits

Contact lenses’ benefits include improved eyesight, ocular comfort, aesthetic benefits, and suitability for all weather conditions.

Cons of wearing contact lenses

Contact lenses’ drawbacks include red, dry, infected, and ulcerated eyes.


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