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Morphy Finally resale start New item Richards Accents Electronic Salt Pepper Set Red Mill and

Morphy Richards Accents Electronic Salt and Pepper Mill Set, Red


Morphy Richards Accents Electronic Salt and Pepper Mill Set, Red

Product description


Product Description

Add seasoning to soups, salads and even candle lit dinners for two, all at the simple touch of a button. Available in a range of nine contemporary colourways, this battery operated appliance will look at home on any dining table whilst also minimising the risk of adding too much salt or pepper to lovingly prepared meals. An acrylic window allows you to monitor salt and pepper levels to refill when required and an illuminated LED base lights up when in use so you can see exactly where you're sprinkling, ideal for dimly lit rooms. Complete in a brushed stainless steel construction in a colour-matching design, further instil style into your home by further investing within the Accents range.

Set Contains:

  • 1 x Morphy Richards Electronic Salt and Pepper Mill

From the manufacturer

Morphy Richards Accents Electronic Salt and Pepper Mill Set, Red

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