DIY Methods to Eliminate QuickBooks Crash Com Error

If you have recently installed Microsoft updates, the QuickBooks crash com error might pop up. We all know how important clients are for any business, big or small. This error makes it difficult to email invoices and receipts to clients and hence creating a panic for QuickBooks users. If you are experiencing the crash com error when sending invoices or after updating Windows, we are here to help you resolve it. In this article, we are going to provide various possible reasons and a detailed step-by-step guide to fix QuickBooks com error crash in a user-friendly way.

If you are unable to get rid of the crash com error or need help in performing the steps, you can reach out to us at 1.855.738.2784 to get assistance from our technical team.

Why Am I Getting the Crash Com Error While Sending Invoices?

The QuickBooks crash com error can occur due to the following possible scenarios –

  • Windows and its components are not properly synchronized or the synchronization failed.
  • The QuickBooks software is not properly installed or the QuickBooks installation files are missing, thus leading to a faulty QB installation.
  • Windows files are damaged or corrupted causing QuickBooks to crash and result in the error.
  • An anti-virus program or Firewall is interfering with QuickBooks and disrupting its working.
  • Your PC is infected by Malware or a virus infection.
  • Windows or QuickBooks components are either damaged or missing.
  • Your QuickBooks application is outdated and needs an update.

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How to Stop a Crash Com Error in QuickBooks?

The QuickBooks com error crash can be tackled by following the steps given below –

Step 1 – Make an Email Addition to Outlook

Try adding your email to Microsoft outlook to avoid the QuickBooks com error while sending invoices. You can add an email to outlook in the following manner –

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook and go to the Filemenu to select the Info
  2. Select Add Accountand commence the setup process.
  3. Enter the email address you want to add and press Next.
  4. Click Connect once Microsoft outlook has established a server connection.
  5. Enter your password and press OK to end the process.
  6. Now try to email your invoice and see if the crash com error is eliminated.

Step 2 – Switch Your Mail Settings

Toggle your email preferences to make outlook the default mailing option.

  1. Go to the Control Paneland search for User Account.
  2. Select Mailand click on Microsoft Outlook to add it as the default mail.
  3. Choose Show Profilefrom the Profile tab and select Outlook
  4. Select the Always use this profileand the Profile to be used options followed by hitting the Apply button.
  5. Select Applyand click on OK to save the above mail changes.

Step 3 – Make a New Profile on Microsoft Outlook

Make a new outlook account to ensure that any damages or issues with the current profile are not causing the QuickBooks crash com error.

  1. From the Control Panel, choose User Account and select the preferred Mail
  2. Select Show Profileswhen the mail setup window pops up and click on Add.
  3. Provide your name and pressOK to save the changes in the profile field.
  4. Now, follow the instructions appearing on the screen to Add an email accountand hit on Apply.
  5. Use the new Outlook profile to email invoices and receipts and see if the error is still occurring or not.

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Step 4 – Installing the Latest Outlook Updates

Ensure that an outdated outlook is not causing the QuickBooks com error crash. To update the Outlook application to the latest version, follow the steps below –

  1. Open Microsoft Outlookand head over to the File
  2. From the Office account, choose Update Preferencesand click on Update Now to start the update process.
  3. Once updated, access your mail and see if the error is rectified.

Step 5 – Create a New Admin User in Windows

Adding a new admin user can help resolve the crash com after updating Windows.

  1. From the Windows Startmenu, choose All Programs and open the small business server.
  2. Select Windows SBS consoleand click on the Users and Groups
  3. Click on Add a new user accountand fill out the required details to add a user.
  4. Add a new user account wizard window will appear, follow the instructions appearing on the screen, and click on Finish.
  5. Log in using the new Windows admin and access QuickBooks again to see if the crashing issue is resolved.

Step 6 – Perform a Windows Repair and Fix your Microsoft Office

Repair your Microsoft Office to remove any minor issues and unresponsive components causing the QuickBooks crash com error. Next, reboot your system and update Windows followed by removing unidentified software from your PC. Check if performing a repair helps in resolving the error and go to the next step if the error is still there.

Step 7 – Upgrade your QuickBooks to the Latest Version

For the last step, try updating the QuickBooks application to make sure that you are working on the latest release can help in fixing any minor bugs and issues in the previous version, thus fixing the QuickBooks com error when emailing invoice.

  1. Open QuickBooks and go to the Helpmenu followed by choosing the Update QuickBooks
  2. Now from the Update Nowtab, choose Reset Updates and clear all the previous downloads.
  3. Click on Get Updatesand begin the process to upgrade QuickBooks.
  4. Once the download is complete, restart QuickBooks and click on Install the Latest Release.
  5. Access the upgraded QuickBooks version and check whether you are able to send emails to ensure that the QuickBooks com error crash is resolved.


Use the steps provided above and fix the QuickBooks crash com error. If the error persists, you might need to perform advanced troubleshooting. Reach out to us by dialing 1.855.738.2784 and get assistance from our support team in fixing the error.

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