$79 Unabiker Husqvarna 12-13 TE310 Radiator Guards - Black Automotive Replacement Parts $79 Unabiker Husqvarna 12-13 TE310 Radiator Guards - Black Automotive Replacement Parts Unabiker Husqvarna 12-13 TE310 - Radiator Ranking integrated 1st place Guards Black Unabiker Husqvarna 12-13 TE310 - Radiator Ranking integrated 1st place Guards Black -,Unabiker,Husqvarna,12-13,TE310,Black,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Guards,$79,/elemi364241.html,Radiator,tikyweb.com -,Unabiker,Husqvarna,12-13,TE310,Black,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Guards,$79,/elemi364241.html,Radiator,tikyweb.com

Unabiker Husqvarna 12-13 TE310 Ranking TOP14 - Radiator Ranking integrated 1st place Guards Black

Unabiker Husqvarna 12-13 TE310 Radiator Guards - Black


Unabiker Husqvarna 12-13 TE310 Radiator Guards - Black

Product description


Unabiker TE250/310 Rad Guards provide awesome protection for your Huskyâ€s rads. We use a one piece construction featuring 2 solid aluminum support rods across the face of the rads and another 2 support rods across the back, as well as another short rod to connect the left and right guards together. Our guards fit underneath your stock plastic with no mods required and they work with the horn and fan in their stock locations. Our Husky guards are available in bare aluminum, or anodized red or black.

Unabiker Husqvarna 12-13 TE310 Radiator Guards - Black

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