tikyweb.com,$22,Exercise,Chair,for,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Ball,and,Fitn,/elemi364441.html,Office,Ball,Sporus,(65cm),,Yoga Sporus Max 79% OFF Exercise Ball Chair 65cm for Yoga Office and Fitn tikyweb.com,$22,Exercise,Chair,for,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Ball,and,Fitn,/elemi364441.html,Office,Ball,Sporus,(65cm),,Yoga Sporus Max 79% OFF Exercise Ball Chair 65cm for Yoga Office and Fitn $22 Sporus Exercise Ball Chair (65cm), Yoga Ball for Office and Fitn Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness $22 Sporus Exercise Ball Chair (65cm), Yoga Ball for Office and Fitn Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness

Sporus Max 79% OFF latest Exercise Ball Chair 65cm for Yoga Office and Fitn

Sporus Exercise Ball Chair (65cm), Yoga Ball for Office and Fitn


Sporus Exercise Ball Chair (65cm), Yoga Ball for Office and Fitn

Product Description


Balance Ball Chair Provides a Relaxation amp; Healthier Lifestyle

Use the exercise ball as a chair for home or office use. You can use the stability ball chair while watching TV or playing video games to make your body more relaxed.

You can also use the workout ball to relieve back pain and muscle tension in the office, adjust the sitting position through it, and get a better posture.



children playing

physical treatment

use the pump


inflate the ball


1. Please do not use the fitness ball within first 24 hours before pumping it up again to the recommended size.

2. Due to its special material of exercise ball, it shrinks a bit when it's there for a long time or under cold weather, it also inflates a bit under warm or hot weather.

Sporus Exercise Ball Chair (65cm), Yoga Ball for Office and Fitn

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