$23,Watch,,Ph,Smartwatch,Smart,Electronics , Wearable Technology,tikyweb.com,Waterproof,iFuntecky,Ip67,Android,for,/elemi452441.html iFuntecky supreme Smart Watch Ip67 Waterproof for Android Smartwatch Ph iFuntecky supreme Smart Watch Ip67 Waterproof for Android Smartwatch Ph $23,Watch,,Ph,Smartwatch,Smart,Electronics , Wearable Technology,tikyweb.com,Waterproof,iFuntecky,Ip67,Android,for,/elemi452441.html $23 iFuntecky Smart Watch, Ip67 Waterproof Smartwatch for Android Ph Electronics Wearable Technology $23 iFuntecky Smart Watch, Ip67 Waterproof Smartwatch for Android Ph Electronics Wearable Technology

iFuntecky supreme Sale price Smart Watch Ip67 Waterproof for Android Smartwatch Ph

iFuntecky Smart Watch, Ip67 Waterproof Smartwatch for Android Ph


iFuntecky Smart Watch, Ip67 Waterproof Smartwatch for Android Ph

Product description

How can I received message notification?
1.Please make sure that the 'Da Fit' notification is open in your phone's setting: Settingsgt;Notificationsgt;Da Fitgt;Allow Notifications;

2.Please make sure that “Phone”amp;“Messages”amp;“SNS app” notification is open in your phone's setting: Settinggt;Notificationsgt;“Phone”amp;“Messages”amp;“SNS app” gt;Allow Notifications;
Note: Make sure “lock screen notification bar” always is open

3.Please make sure Notifications on Da Fit App is open: Turn on the Bluetooth→Open Da Fit →Device→Notifications→Click“√” on the item you need

Fitness Watches Features :
ⒶHeart rate monitor: monitors the heart rate in real time and provides an average heart rate
ⒷBlood pressure monitor: measure your blood pressure and blood oxygen, help you to know body changes at any time
ⒸSleep Monitor: records deep, light, awake time at night help you acknowledge your physical fitness status
ⒹPedometer: Automatically track all-day activity including steps, calories burnt etc
Ⓔ8 sports modes: available sport tracking for your choice, such as walking, running, football, basketball, cycling, etc.
ⒻSync Notification: Call, SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Skype, line reminder, QQ
ⒼIP67 Waterproof: you can wear smart watch while washing your hands, swim and bathing (Not for diving or taking hot shower)
ⒽRemote Control Camera: Turn on remote control camera in app, you can take the picture from your wrist once watch paired with the app

➤Smart Watch Specifications :
✮Compatibility: Bluetooth 4.0; Android 4.4 amp; above; IOS 8.0 amp; above
✮Screen size: 1.3"
✮Band Material: medical grade silicone
✮Battery capacity: 160mAh
✮Charging Method: Magnetic absorption charging
✮Charging Time: 2h
✮Working time:5-7 days

➤Package :
1 x Fitness tracker Smart Watch
1 x User Manual
1 x Charger

iFuntecky Smart Watch, Ip67 Waterproof Smartwatch for Android Ph

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