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Bugaboo Bee5 Wheel Direct sale of manufacturer Caps Wood Sales for sale

Bugaboo Bee5 Wheel Caps, Wood


Bugaboo Bee5 Wheel Caps, Wood

Product description


Create your own Bugaboo Bee5 to suit your style with this Premium Collection item. The Bugaboo Bee5 is compact and easy, provides comfort for you and your child, and offers a wide range of styling options. Change your wheel caps with the seasons or just to give your stroller an update. It's easy to click them on and remove them from the wheels. What's included? set of 6 (2 rear wheel caps, 4 swivel wheel caps) In order to complete your Bugaboo Bee5 stroller, you will need a Bugaboo Bee5 Base, Seat Fabric, Sun Canopy, and handlebar grips. care instructions: Periodically, remove the wheels from the chassis and brush off any dirt or sand in the inside axle of the wheel. Do not submerge the wheel bearings in water. Use a brush and water to clean dirt on the wheels.

From the manufacturer

Bugaboo Bee5 Wheel Caps, Wood

Out Now: MONO - "Pilgrimage of the Soul"

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