Following Rust Accident, The Rookie Bans ‘Live’ Guns From Set

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The change was in response to an incident on the set of Alec Baldwin’s production of “Rust” yesterday. Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, 42, died from her injuries on the set of the western picture following Baldwin’s discharge of a prop gun, attributed as a misfire. Director Joel Souza was also struck by the discharge and is expected to make a full recovery. The actor and producer took his regrets to Twitter, where he expressed “shock and sadness” regarding the death of Hutchins, and offering his support to her family.

It is not known whether the shooting occurred during filming or how two people were hit, but Baldwin is cooperating with Santa Fe officials in their investigation, which includes looking into the prop handling protocols. No charges have been filed, but production on the film has been suspended for the time being. The latest update carries word from members of the “Rust” crew, who told the LA Times that they had walked off the set on the same morning of the misfire incident in protest of the poor working conditions — including an unsafe set. 

If the changes at “The Rookie” are any indication, we might see a long-needed safety overhaul coming to the film industry soon because, as Hawley points out, any risk is too much risk. 

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