FREE: Diploma in Web Development 4-Week Course

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Websites and web applications are quickly becoming the primary means to communicate information, ideas, and products to the world. How then, are they created? During this introductory 4 week course, you will learn the processes, steps, and technologies involved in bringing ideas, contents, or products to the World Wide Web. The industry includes many disciplines and opportunities from a broad range of abilities, from both technical and design backgrounds. Professions themselves have many overlapping skillsets, so you are free to specialize in the area of your choice. Register now to start learning straight away.

  • Access 8 lectures & 8 hours of content 24/7
  • Understand the benefits, purpose & value of web development
  • Learn the structure & components of both websites and web applications
  • Generate a visually appealing & responsive website
  • Give your website dynamic functionality w/ main technologies
  • Bring your production website or web application from staging through to a live server
  • Know what roles are waiting for you in the web development industry
  • Generate an income from users of your site
  • Direct appropriate users to your website using SEO

Course Details

8 classes


1. Lesson 1: Introduction to the Web

In this lesson, we briefly discuss the architecture of the web. This allows you to solidify your understanding of the client/server architecture before we begin scripting. First we delve into better understand the internet and the world wide web, then we move onto networking basics, followed by a very important topic, web server basics. Lastly, we wrap this session up with languages of the web, which includes HTML and CSS.

2. Lesson 2: Introduction to HTML

In this lesson, we jump right into web development we learn more about the HTML markup language. We will install the required software so that we can begin developing our first web page using HTML. So stay tuned, because it’s going to be an exciting lesson!

3. HTML elements

In this lesson we review the important and common HTML elements used in web development. Here we will focus on text level elements, grouping elements and provide our website with a more coherent structure and flow by implementing very basic navigation. We will also explore the importance of making comments in our code.  

4. Lesson 4: HTML attributesWeb applications cannot exist without a back-end. The ability of a web application to recognize, remember, and recall information about a user, and to provide personalized, dynamic content is what sets them apart from a standard website. This class will investigate the two main technologies used to provide this dynamic functionality, namely the back-end code, and databases.

5. Lesson 5: HTML inputs

In this lesson we delve right into HTML inputs and forms. These elements allow us to capture data from the user to be processed by either a database or server. We can also use an array of input types to make websites more dynamic and interactive. By the end of this session, we will wrap everything up with all that we have learned so far in HTML by completing a practical session.

6. Lesson 6: Introduction to CSS

In this lesson, you will be introduced to CSS as a styling language. This will give you an idea of how we go about styling our bare bone website to something more appealing to end users. CSS is the most popular language used when it comes to styling our website and it is capable of dramatically improving the usability of a website. So stay tuned, because things are going to become a lot more colourful. 

7. PHP & Databases

In this lesson we will discuss the CSS box model and learn all about how we can use padding, margin and borders to style our elements. This will greatly improve the layout and dimensions of our elements. We will also learn all about positioning our styled elements in our viewport and working with animations. To wrap things up we will put everything we’ve learned so far into practice.

8. Lesson 8: HTML and CSS Project

In our final lesson of module 1, we’ll be gearing towards bringing everything together. This includes everything we have covered in CSS and HTML. We’ll develop a single page application as part of this major project and we’ll use animations, positioning, padding and margins – you name it!

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FREE: Diploma in Web Development 4-Week Course

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