Health benefits of crocodile yoga pose

Crocodile yoga pose is one of the most reliable and vital poses in Yoga with several health benefits. It is also called Makarpose pose. The name Makarpose yoga pose has been derived from Sanskrit language words, where Makara means “Crocodile” and pose means “pose”. So, mixing all these words is known as the crocodile pose; This pose highly resembles a crocodile while resting within the river shore and is therefore called a crocodile pose.

Those who wants to do crocodile pose, they should some simple things

  • To start doing this pose, get into the yoga mat and lie straight on your stomach.
  • Now join your elbows and, using your forearms, make a stand, then keep your chin on your palms.
  • Now while breathing slowly, start lifting your chest.
  • Keep your elbows and your legs together.
  • Now start breathing in and breathing out in this position.
  • If you are a beginner, then hold on to this position for about 2-4 breaths.
  • To get a release from this position, come to the initial work, take a long or deep breath, and then relax by keeping your leg straight.
  • Now again, you can do this pose a few times. You must do at least ten repetitions of this pose for getting better outcomes.

At first, when you start doing this pose, you will feel some pain in your leg, shoulder, knee, and abdomen, but as soon as you start practicing more, you will be able to do this pose very quickly. Regularly doing this pose helps to reduce blood pressure and provides so many health benefits. If you want to learn more about this yoga pose practice then we strongly recommend you to check out the best yoga school.

What are the health benefits of Crocodile yoga pose or crocodile pose?

When you do Crocodile yoga pose regularly, you will gain several benefits for your different body parts. The longer you hold on to this pose, the more benefits you will get. We carry out several activities that hurt our back in our daily lifestyle, like sitting on a desktop for a long time, resting on the bed in the wrong position. In such a lifestyle, Crocodile yoga pose offers you a lot of benefits:

  • Crocodile yoga pose makes your back, abdomen, hips, and legs strong 

Several studies have proved that when you practice Crocodile yoga pose regularly, it supports you to stretch your back, hip muscles, abdomen, and legs. With this, blood circulation increases in these areas, and muscles get a high amount of oxygen and nutrition, which assist them in strengthening. Good blood circulation also keeps the organ fine and active. Many men are facing Erectile dysfunction problems because of poor blood circulation.Few men are using generic medicine order sildenafil citrate to deal with this issue. But regularly doing this yoga pose surely men will get good results.  You can avoid several injuries in your back, legs, hips, and other such works with regular practice.

  • Crocodile yoga pose fuels your sacrum

When you do a Crocodile yoga pose, several muscles present around the sacrum are contracted; The sacrum is a bone located near the base of your spine, primarily in the inside of your two hip bones. Sacrum gives more support to your spine and helps in making your hips flexible. 

  • Enhances the functioning of your abdominal organs

While lying down on your stomach in Crocodile yoga pose position and taking deep breaths, the breathing will massage the abdominal area that assists in the functioning of various abdominal organs such as the spleen, pancreas, intestines, and bladder. A few Yoga poses help enhance all abdominal organs, and Crocodile yoga pose or crocodile pose is among them.

  • Helps in relaxing your respiratory and circulatory system

When you relax on your stomach doing Crocodile yoga pose, the requirement of oxygen and blood flow throughout your body decreases. This will provide a very relaxing period to your whole circulatory and respiratory system.

  • Eases your spine and back 

The natural body posture of all human beings puts high pressure on your spine and your back; While sitting and walking and while sleeping, there is significantly less support of our back to our body. But when you lie down on your stomach, your spine and your back relax. Regularly doing this pose will ease your spine and back.


Nowadays people are well aware of the health benefits of yoga. Same way this pose will surely give good results, but people should seek a good yoga master for doing it in the daily life.

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