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Hydrogenation has been applied to a THC derivative known as HHC Distillate. Before being homogenized, THC extracted from hemp is converted into CBD to produce HHC Distillate For Sale. As a result, HHC offers a distinct from THC cannabinoid experience produced by hemp.

What Will Happen When I Consume HHC?

Despite having the same pleasant euphoric effects as THC in moderate doses, HHC is usually reported as having more calming and soothing effects than Delta-8. Customers claim that HHC Distillate reduces pain and results in a slight high in the brain that is different from the THC high. The benefits of HHC Distillate For Sale are only backed by anecdotes.

product features

The mycotoxins, microbes, residual solvents, pesticides, heavy metals, and potency of each batch of our HHC Distillate are inspected. All product and source cannabis COAs are available on our product COA page.

Terpene-free Hexahydrocannabinol at 99.8%

This product may oxidize and change color to pink or amber when exposed to air, light, and/or heat. This is standard.

Use wisely:

The full effect varies from person to person and may not be felt for several hours. The amount required to produce the greatest effect can also vary greatly between people.

This product contains less than 0.3% total delta-9-THC based on dry weight.

This product lacks flavor.

Store in a cool, dry environment away from heat and light. Keep kids at a safe distance.

Never heat the jar to a temperature greater than 140 degrees Fahrenheit with the lid on.

Product Information

Voluntate Shop now has one of the newest cannabinoids to hit the cannabis market! Users of the hemp-derived cannabinoid HHC Distillate For Sale have a lot to look forward to in terms of a more natural high. For this distillate, the following uses are possible:

  • Dabbing
  • terpene blending
  • It can be included in the concentration of your choice.
  • Inside of tinctures

Each batch of HHC Distillate is subjected to a number of tests to determine its potency, mycotoxins, microorganisms, residual solvents, and pesticides. What health advantages HHC might have is largely unknown because there haven’t been enough studies done on it. However, preliminary animal studies indicates that HHC has anti-cancer and painkilling properties. However, there are no human trials. According to anecdotal evidence, HHC might have the following benefits:

  • Increase in appetite
  • lowering anxiety
  • Alleviating depression
  • Encouraging sleep
  • Pain reduction
  • Euphoric

Despite the absence of scientific evidence, many believe that HHC has many of the same beneficial benefits as THC due to its chemical similarities and affinity for cannabinoid receptors.


It is prohibited to use this product while driving or operating machinery.

Before using this product, a doctor consultation is advised.

Avoid using this product if you are pregnant, nursing, or have any other medical issues.

Use of HHC may have an effect on your heart rate, blood pressure, and intraocular pressure. Therefore, if you have any heart, blood pressure, eye, or related conditions, whether known or unknown, you shouldn’t use this product.

Please be sure you follow all relevant regional, national, and international laws. Products containing HHC Distillate are classified as either hemp (which is legal in the nation) or cannabis (which is not). Since it may be found in hemp seeds and pollen, some individuals think that HHC is both non-synthetic and legal. But not all experts share this conviction. Our HHC Distillate is made from industrial hemp, which is legal under federal law and many state regulations. Your purchase, however, is entirely your responsibility.

Questions and Answers Regarding HHC Distillate

Is HHC Distilled a Psychoactive Substance?

HHC For Sale Distillate is similar to THC in terms of its intoxicating effects, despite being much weaker. Users refer to a “relaxing body high,” which is a milder euphoria.

Is HHC a legal substance?

The 2018 Farm Bill’s passing made HHC a recognized substance in the US. As long as their Delta 9 THC level is less than 0.3%, this legislation allows the sale and use of any hemp and hemp-derived products (including HHC) in the US.

Conditions For Shipping

Due to various state laws, we are unable to distribute some products to specific states. For a list of these shipping restrictions, see our Shipping Policy here.

Food and Drug Administration’s Disclaimer

This product may not be used by or sold to anybody under the age of 18 or 21, depending on the laws of your native state or region. Use this product solely as directed by the label. Before usage, talk to a doctor, especially if you take prescription medications or have a medical condition, especially if you are nursing a baby or pregnant. Only after seeing a doctor should you use any of these products. None of the specified trademarks or copyrights are related to or associated with this product; rather, they are the property of their respective owners. The claims on this website have not been examined by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. These statements and the products made available by this company are not intended for use in the treatment, diagnosis, prevention, or cure of any disease.


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