How to become a TEFL Teacher?

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With only six months to go until 2021, you can think about how you want your future to turn out. If you are stuck in a rut, hate the work you do, you can take a TEFL course. Travel around the world, earn money, live abroad, change people’s lives.

Let’s get started to know how to become a TEFL teacher.

Once you have taken the first step, it is not very difficult to take the following steps towards teaching English as a foreign language. All you need is a plan and a desire to cross your comfort zone. Now, let’s break it down.


1. Master Your TEFL Course

The first step to becoming a TEFL teacher is to manage your TEFL certificate properly. Starting the course is just the beginning, but it does not have to be a long journey if you try to improve English language skills in each subject you teach.

A large number of organisations around the world offer TEFL certification, but not all certification programs are worthwhile. Due to the lack of legislation, there are many organisations, most of which offer low-level certificates. That is why your choice of a TEFL course is so important. If possible, you can identify potential employers. Indeed, it is a good idea to investigate if certain TEFL certificates are required. Choose quality assurance programs that will improve your life as a TEFL teacher.

Apart from certifications, look for challenges and learn how to conquer these. Don’t forget to check your daily performance, which will help you improve.


2. Keep Your Formal Learning Going

All you have to do is perfect your grammar, teaching skills, phonetic sounds, and voice skills. Complete your skills with Business English qualifications. You can spend your time reading TEFL forum articles. Also, you can subscribe to various newsletters and make it a habit to build an effective database. Indeed, many choose to become a teacher in India because of the kind of satisfaction the work brings.


3. Gain Experience

Your aim must be to learn more and experience the different sizes, ages, and levels of classes. With so many TEFL teachers living abroad, it is good for teachers to be curious, thrive in a new environment, and adjust quickly to new lifestyles.

Next, you can improve your curriculum vitae and focus on how to train others. Try to help new teachers who are starting to work in your school. Having a senior role as a coordinator or curriculum director is not essential, but it will definitely make you attractive to employers and become a TEFL teacher.


4. Select The Right Location

You have your TEFL certificate. You have some experience. Now all you have to do is find a place to stay for a while. You can work as an EFL instructor in some schools. It can bring you more money as well as flexibility along your journey. However, TEFL trainers need to be more stable, be it deciding the course or joining any institute for training.

If your CV/resume shows a temporary job history, you will probably find it challenging to land a job. Therefore, you should also be active and maintain regular working hours.


5. Find An Organisation Where You Can Work

Remember, there are not many TEFL teacher training openings as most people do not quickly leave this position! All you have to do is visit training centres and market yourself to the organisation.

In some cases, you may even have the opportunity to work as an EFL coach with a language school that offers teacher training courses. After that, you can participate gradually, start on a part-time basis and then move into other parts of the various courses.

Remember, the more people you know within the company, the greater your chances of finding opportunities in the future. Networking can also help. Also, attend various conferences, webinars and connect with people as much as possible.


6. Settle To Do The Work

One important thing to remember: Try not to run until you can walk. Be realistic about what you can do. Perhaps, first provide students with observation lessons, then empower them to prepare, monitor, and provide feedback and suggestions. You can start your work slowly by giving inputs to teach grammar skills.

Any company you join will not expect newcomers to go through the whole course. And the expectation of payment should also reflect your training contribution. Remember that more skills are needed for coaches in a classroom than the one required to teach TEFL. So, keep exploring whatever is coming your way.


Are You Ready To Become A TEFL Teacher?

Hopefully, this has provided some guidance in training people to learn English as another language. The only thing you have to do is keep improving your skills while teaching other people. Find a place that fits your needs.

Do you feel encouraged? Want to become a TEFL teacher? Talk to one of our TEFL experts who help students find clarity in their work. With leading career counselling online, more than 1,20,000 students have benefited. Go ahead and kick-start your TEFL adventure and make the rest of 2021 the best year ever.

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