How to Start a Podcast: A 10-Step Guide

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Reading Time: 30 minutes

Learning how to start a podcast is an effective and convenient way to deliver content. It builds an intimate relationship with listeners because of its one-on-one communication structure.

When content is delivered in this manner, listeners get information while simultaneously feeling it to be a personal conversation. Podcasts are effortless and easy ways to consume content. Podcasts can only be delivered digitally, eliminating the costs associated with written content, such as hiring a writer or blogger to share expertise on a subject.

All a podcaster needs are their voice and creativity (along with a few other things, but we’ll get to that!), so it avoids costs for the upkeep of an elaborate corporate system. As a bonus, podcasts are easy to archive, which reduces meeting and email storage costs.

With podcasts, the pressure for exposure and visibility is not as immense as other forms of content. Once a listener subscribes to a podcast, every new podcast is automatically downloaded to their account. It is a mutually beneficial relationship that allows podcasters to update their platforms easily and listeners to tune in to the shows conveniently.

According to a study by, 55% of Americans have listened to at least one episode of a podcast, and 37% report listening to a podcast every month.

Listening to podcasts can be done anywhere – at work, at home, even during a commute. In a business setting, instead of having long meetings about a particular subject, a podcast can conveniently convey all the information that needs to be shared. This saves time and improves productivity with all parties.

If a specific podcast holds essential information, let’s say, instructions from a manager, one can download it and save it in storage. If it is kept on a mobile device, the podcast is available anywhere and anytime. This perk is especially beneficial for people who are on the go and need to consume information while attending to other tasks.