Ideas for painting furniture with chalk paint

Among the ideas we have for you, you will find colors and types of furniture in which you can use chalk paint.
Ideas for painting furniture with chalk paint

chalk paint is an easy-to-use type of paint

It offers the possibility of restoring old decorative objects, giving them one more chance. Are you interested in knowing more? Keep reading, we tell you everything!

What furniture to paint with chalk paint?

chalk paint it is convenient to think about what colors to use

Kitchen furniture in green

Use the green tone that you like the most to paint the furniture in your kitchen with chalk paint.
chalk paint

use a chalk paint of this tone to redecorate the furniture

This is a tone that combines very well neutral, bright and pink tones, as well as white. But this is not all, combine it with gray to obtain a more modern kitchen.

Wood cupboards and cabinets

chalk paint

take advantage and renew it with this beautiful tone

chalk paint

outdoor furniture

chalk paint

Do not be afraid to use this type of paint on outdoor chairs or tables

Color ideas to paint this furniture? Mint green , lilac, and light green are all great options.

Don’t throw away your old console

don’t think about throwing them away, choose the shade of chalk paint

Achromatic gray (the result of black on a white base) is an interesting idea, as is chromatic gray (the product of cyan, magenta, and yellow). Which one do you like the most?

Interior doors, moldings and window frames

Use chalk paint to paint frames and doors.
chalk paint

chalk paint will add an effect of greater amplitude to your spaces

If you think this shade is a bit boring for your style, let’s go back to green. One of the colors in trend in 2022 and that helps to brighten the spaces of the house.

With chalk paint you can paint more than furniture

Chalk paint is so versatile that you can paint beyond furniture. Use it to transform entire spaces, which you will achieve by painting walls, doors and frames in the same tone.

Give life to showcases, cupboards, chairs and tables

chalk paint

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