$36 Faithfull B Link Chain 6mm - 15M Reel Black Tools Home Improvement Hardware $36 Faithfull B Link Chain 6mm - 15M Reel Black Tools Home Improvement Hardware Reel,tikyweb.com,/iflmnh,Link,B,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,6mm,$36,Black,-,Faithfull,Chain,15M Superlatite Faithfull B Link Chain 6mm - 15M Black Reel Reel,tikyweb.com,/iflmnh,Link,B,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,6mm,$36,Black,-,Faithfull,Chain,15M Superlatite Faithfull B Link Chain 6mm - 15M Black Reel

Superlatite Faithfull B Link Chain Spring new work 6mm - 15M Black Reel

Faithfull B Link Chain 6mm - 15M Reel Black


Faithfull B Link Chain 6mm - 15M Reel Black

Product description

Size:6mm - 15m Reel Black

This Faithfull chain is a mild steel welded chain with a Black Japanned finish. Maximum load figures quoted are for guidance only. These chains are test loaded, but not certified and should never be used for any overhead lifting, load binding or towing applications.The Faithfull FAICHBL615 B link chain has the following specifications:Thickness: 6mmReel: 15mColour: Black Black Japanned Chain 6mm x 15m Reel - Max Load 250kg

Faithfull B Link Chain 6mm - 15M Reel Black

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