XP Jewelry Sterling Silver Plain Cross Italian Made Figa NEW before selling Pendant $98 XP Jewelry Sterling Silver Plain Cross Pendant Italian Made Figa Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men $98 XP Jewelry Sterling Silver Plain Cross Pendant Italian Made Figa Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men /indiscoverable1990386.html,Jewelry,tikyweb.com,Italian,XP,Silver,Figa,$98,Cross,Plain,Pendant,Sterling,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Made XP Jewelry Sterling Silver Plain Cross Italian Made Figa NEW before selling Pendant /indiscoverable1990386.html,Jewelry,tikyweb.com,Italian,XP,Silver,Figa,$98,Cross,Plain,Pendant,Sterling,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Made

XP Jewelry Sterling Silver Plain Cross Italian Made Figa NEW before selling gift Pendant

XP Jewelry Sterling Silver Plain Cross Pendant Italian Made Figa


XP Jewelry Sterling Silver Plain Cross Pendant Italian Made Figa

Product description

High polished, solid sterling silver cross pendant on a choice of solid sterling silver figaro chain necklaces. These chains are 3.0mm wide, of the finest quality and imported from Italy. The cross is 33.2mm x 17.3mm. Comes in a Free gift box and with our refund guarantee.

XP Jewelry Sterling Silver Plain Cross Pendant Italian Made Figa

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