Intuit Data Protect has stopped working || 1-855-857-0824

Intuit Data Protect has stopped working || 1-855-857-0824


 Intuit Data Protect is a tool that works in the background to keep your data safe from any damage, loss or corruption. It encrypts your financial files and stores them in locked packages that cannot be accessed by anyone else but you. The tool works mostly flawlessly, but you may come across Intuit Data Protect has stopped working issue at times. If you get the error message, you won’t be able to backup your crucial business files and data. In this article, we will look into the detailed reasons that can cause the error and will also discuss the troubleshooting steps to get rid of it


Reasons why you can’t Backup with Intuit Data Protect

Numerous reasons can hinder the backup process using IDP. With the list given below we will look in detail at the possible reasons why you can’t backup with Intuit Data Protect.


If you have not updated your QuickBooks Desktop application or IDP for a very long time, you may face issues backing up your data with IDP.

Windows firewall settings may clash with the Intuit Data protect blocking its internet connectivity.

If the IDP web address is not added as trusted source in the browser’s settings, then it may result in Intuit Data Protect has Stopped Working issue.

If you have not named the company file as per Intuit’s guidelines, the error may occur. There should not be white spaces at the end of the name, and the file name should not exceed 65 characters.

If the company file is already open in one of the workstations, you won’t be able to backup your file and get the error.

If the IBuEngHost.exe file is not running on the admin user system, then it may cause issues in IDP backup.

Windows failing to use the NTFS file system can also cause issues with the backup.

If you have entered incorrect IDP login credentials, you will face Intuit Data Protect not working issue.

Understanding these reasons help you figure out the probable reasons why you are facing the error on your system. You can then narrow down the number of methods that you need to apply for troubleshooting the error.


Various Instances How Intuit Online Backup not Working Issue appears

Intuit Data Protect also commonly known as IDP is used to backup QuickBooks Data on Intuit servers. You can get the Intuit Online backup not working issue in various ways which been mentioned below for you:


You may not find the IDP icon on the Windows taskbar.

Scheduled Intuit Data Protect backup fails to work.

Error 305 may appear while backing up with IDP.

IDP backup fails because of the Firewall or Internet issues.

These are some instances through which the Intuit Data Protect may show an error. There are various other ways through which it may occur. Now that we understand the types of error that Intuit Data Protect may face while backing up your data, let us look at the troubleshooting methods to fix the issue.


How to Troubleshoot Intuit Backup not Working Error?

There are various ways to troubleshoot the Intuit Backup not working issue. If you understand the reason that has caused the error, then you can easily figure out the troubleshooting method that needs to be applied. Follow the methods given below to get rid of the error.


Method 1: Configuring Windows Firewall to Unblock IDP

If your Windows Firewall is not configured properly, it can block the connection of Intuit Data Protect to the internet. This can result in Intuit Data Protect has Stopped Working error. Follow the steps below to configure it properly:


Go to the ‘Start’ menu and type “Firewall.”

Click on the search result saying ‘Windows Firewall.’

Dab the ‘Allow an app through Windows Firewall’ option and then click on ‘Allow another app.’


Allow an app through Windows Firewall

Press the ‘Browse’ button and reach the address ‘Program Files(x86) Common Files Intuit Data Protect.’

Select ‘QBIDPsevice.exe’ from the files and click on the ‘Open’ button.

Click on ‘Network types’ and then mark the ‘Private’ box as checked.

Click on the ‘Add’ button and then select the ‘IBUengHost.exe’ file.

Press the ‘Open’ button and then repeat the Step 6.

After adding important files to the firewall, you also need to add Intuit Data Protect as the trusted website. Follow the steps below now:

Click on the ‘Start’ button, search and click on ‘Internet options.’

Select the ‘Security’ option and then click on ‘Trusted sites.


’Add Trusted sites in Internet Explorer

Click on ‘Sites’ and fill in the following one by one.

Click on the ‘Add’ button after entering every website.


Add Trusted sites in Internet Explorer

You should ensure that the ‘Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone’ box is unmarked.

Click on ‘Close’ and then mark ‘OK.’

If the issue persists even after following process mentioned above, follow the next method.


Method 2: Make the IDP icon Visible to Fix IDP Suddenly Stops Working Issue

If you are unable to see the IDP icon and facing IDP suddenly stops working issue, you need to perform some steps. Download the latest update for Intuit Data Protect and put it on the taskbar. The steps are as follows:


Reach the ‘Help’ menu in your QuickBooks application and click on the ‘Update QuickBooks’ option.


Update QuickBooks Desktop

Go to the ‘Update Now’ tab and mark ‘Data Protect’ from the list.

Click on the ‘Get Updates’ button.

Dab on the up arrow (^) icon on your toolbar (it is located in the lower-right corner).

Right-click the ‘Intuit Data Protect’ icon and select ‘About Intuit Data Protect.’


Intuit Data protect Icon in Taskbar

Click on the ‘Update.’ button and click on ‘OK’ when the update gets finished.

You can now see the Intuit Data Protect menu on your Desktop which indicates the issue is resolved. If the error persists, follow the next method.


Method 3: Using the Intuit Data Protect Diagnostic Tool

The IDP Diagnostic Tool is a special tool designed by Intuit to resolve errors such as Intuit Data Protect has Stopped Working. It scans the computer’s memory and related components to diagnose and fix issues.


Right-click on the ‘Intuit Data Protect’ icon on your Desktop or Taskbar.

Click on the ‘About Intuit Data Protect’ option and then press ‘Ctrl + F2’ keys together.

Click on the ‘Run Diagnostics’ button to run the scan.

Error prompt will appear if anything is found and can be resolved accordingly.




At times, the error may occur on your device’s drivers. Most of the time, drivers are not the issue, but it is worth checking to rule out driver incompatibility. The QuickBooks troubleshooting engine can detect a number of problems with drivers, including ones that cause Intuit Data Protect has stopped working error messages. If necessary, you can update your drivers or reinstall them in Windows 10 by following our detailed guide.


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