Is kissCartoon Website Safe And Legal for Watching Online Cartoons?

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Top kisscartoon alternatives from tikyweb, kiss cartoon watch cartoons online shows for free of cost by kisscartoon nz download official portal website. Kisscartoon is a very popular online streaming site for kids as it has a wide range of animated cartoons, browse US-based movies, anime, etc. kisscartoon website is very easy to access as it has an organized and seamlessly working platform. kisscartoon provides free streaming of cartoons, anime, and all kids-friendly content. People like KissCartoon for TV shows as it covers a wide range of TV shows such as Korean drama, US-based shows, and others. They are also available in kisscartoon app which is free of cost and more convenient usage.  The main reason for its popularity is its  Free streaming platform with HD quality, which attracts people like a magnet towards it.

But before hopping into this website, the biggest question is whether the KissCartoon app/website is safe and legal to use and watch. If you are also kissCartoon consumer, who has a bubble of doubt about kissCartoon being safe and legal to watch an online cartoon or not, then you have landed on the right place. Here we will burst the bubble of doubts about KissCartoon being safe or not. For more such doubt-bursting articles and guides, stay in tune with Onlinegeeks, we provide the best researched and polished information and solution about your any query and doubt.

Is KissCartoon Safe?

kissCartoon has a feature of popping ads in between streaming which is usually built to generate money along with other small redirects and link popups.  Such ads take the route of your JavaScript which are used by hackers to hack your device easily along with that such sites are a pathway for viruses to your device which is highly prone to damage your device within a while. Such ads are not controlled under the legal trusted browser like Google but they are in the free hands of virus miners. There were many reports filed against such scandals but not the authority of KissCartoon took action against it and it was always under concern for users to be in the zone of getting prone to virus attack or device hacked issues.

Is KissCartoon Legal?

Again the answer is NO.  KissCartoon has been accused of hosting pirated websites for anime and cartoons. Due to such allegations, KissCartoon has been shut down various times but taking it as the opportunity they release their cloned versions to keep the website active on some other domain name. The group is run by having no right in the distribution of such sites that they host and are still actively doing such tasks despite various shutdowns and warnings. These hosted sites also contain the risk of virus attack and route to hackers. They play smart by changing suffixes and keeping the same domain e.g. to kissCartoon.on or KissCartoon.hg.

Legal Alternatives to KissCartoon

But if you are thinking that now you are going to lose your free cartoon movies streaming website, then we are with the alternatives of KissCartoon.

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • HBO
  • Cartoon Network
  • Disney Hotstar
  • Amazon prime
  • Nickelodeon
  • Crunchyroll
  • Comedy Central
  • Crackle

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