$36 Tanxih Corner Shower Curtain Rod Adjustable Stainless Steel L Sh Home Kitchen Bath $36 Tanxih Corner Shower Curtain Rod Adjustable Stainless Steel L Sh Home Kitchen Bath Stainless,Tanxih,tikyweb.com,/latexosis364745.html,Shower,Rod,Corner,$36,Adjustable,Sh,Home Kitchen , Bath,Curtain,Steel,L Stainless,Tanxih,tikyweb.com,/latexosis364745.html,Shower,Rod,Corner,$36,Adjustable,Sh,Home Kitchen , Bath,Curtain,Steel,L Tanxih Corner Shower Curtain Rod free Steel Stainless Sh Adjustable L Tanxih Corner Shower Curtain Rod free Steel Stainless Sh Adjustable L

Tanxih Corner Shower Curtain Rod free Steel Stainless Sh Chicago Mall Adjustable L

Tanxih Corner Shower Curtain Rod Adjustable Stainless Steel L Sh


Tanxih Corner Shower Curtain Rod Adjustable Stainless Steel L Sh

Product description


Stainless Steel L-Shaped Corner Shower Curtain Rod Drill Free for Bathroom
Enjoy the comfortable space from shower curtain rod in your bathroom

★ Rust-proof design for durability.
★ Easy to install, can be installed by one person, two person install recommended.
★ Curved L-shape design fits any corner place.
★ L-Shaped Shower Curtain Rod is both lightweight and durable, it is ideal for corner shower spaces in bathrooms.

1.This product does not include shower curtain and ceiling support rod.
2. Please wear gloves when you handle sharp-edged stainless steel rods
3.The shower curtain rod should be installed for at least 3 days.
4. Please measuring your space length and width size before purchase.

Packaging Including:
1. 2 piece of rods.
2. 2 set screws.
3. One wrench
4. 6 base screws(drill free) and 2 drilling expansion screws.
5. 2 glues.
6. One connector
7. 12 ring hooks

Tanxih Corner Shower Curtain Rod Adjustable Stainless Steel L Sh

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