Master the Coaching Cycle

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A couple of days ago I posted my first response to the social medial challenges for coaches designed by Eduro Learning. Today I had a look at Resolution #2 which is about the coaching cycle.  In this downloadable resource there is an infographic showing the 4 phases of the coaching cycle. 

Our question was what area of the coaching cycle we would like to develop further.  I decided I’d reflect on Step 2, identifying a goal.

In my experience as a coach I’ve noticed that often teachers come into a coaching cycle thinking they want to “do something” for their goal. What I have discovered as a coach is that often the “do” part of the goal is just the tip of the iceberg: there is a lot going on under the surface and through careful questioning a deeper goal may emerge. For example, the real goal may be that a teacher wants to feel a valued member of the school community, or they may want to be more creative and reflective in their teaching, or they may want to be more effective, resourceful and successful. Identifying these deeper goals will often be necessary in order to coach effectively in Step 3 which is supporting a teacher’s professional growth.

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