National Refreshment Day 2021: Know History And How It’s Celebrated

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Refreshment Day 2021: The day is observed on July 22.

Most of us lead hectic lives, chasing deadlines at work or fulfilling domestic responsibilities or both. There’s just no time to stop and breathe. Wouldn’t it be nice to have just one day in a year when you can unwind and recharge yourself before getting back into the grind? Well, you can unapologetically do that tomorrow given that it’s National Refreshment Day (July 22).

It is observed on the fourth Thursday of July and is primarily intended to be a day of enjoyment and of course, refreshments during the hottest time of the year – whether you choose to cozy up with some iced tea and a book or sit down with a glass of chilled lemonade while watching a movie.

So, how did this fun day come into existence? In May 2015, Traveller Beer Company announced the first Refreshment Day to celebrate a new line of craft beer in the market. In the following years, this American company, which is based out of Burlington, Vermont, decided to celebrate the day on the fourth Thursday of July. The company, founded in 2012, is known for making English shandies with American twists of flavours.

The day has been embraced across the world, especially as the temperatures continue to rise at this time of the year in the northern hemisphere. And refreshing drinks become all the more essential to detoxify and de-stress on any hot day. The day also reminds us to take a step back and nourish ourselves with some mid-week self-care. Summers are when water and liquids are crucial to avoid dehydration. This day is a chance to remind ourselves to grab our water bottles or health drinks regularly.

When Traveller Beer marked the day six years ago, it meant to raise a toast to the chilled beer and craft beer community, since beer is a popular refreshment in the United States. However, since refreshments can mean many things to many people around the world, the significance of this day has broadened over the years.

Here are a few ways to mark this day on the social media grid:

1. Try new drinks. From mojito to smoothies, the list is long.

2. Detox yourself with healthy drinks.

3. Find a way to drink adequate water throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated.

4. Enjoy your old favourite drinks and treat your loved ones to them too.

Refreshments could also include activities that help us unburden mentally. On this day, you could choose to recharge and refresh yourself through yoga, exercise, massage therapy, or just take a breezy evening walk in the park!

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