Ex-Plaid employees raise $30M for Stytch, an API-first passwordless authentication platform – TechCrunch

Reading Time: 10 minutes There are far fewer annoying things than managing one’s passwords. There are a bunch of companies out there to help you attempt to do that. And there’s also a number of companies that want to go a step further and eliminate the password completely. One such company, Stytch, just raised $30 million in a Series … Read more

Unybrands brings in $300M to acquire more e-commerce businesses – TechCrunch

Reading Time: 5 minutes Unybrands is the latest e-commerce aggregator to pick up a significant investment, this time closing $300 million in growth capital from Crayhill Capital Management. The Miami-based company, which created a platform for e-commerce businesses looking to scale their operations on and off Amazon, was founded in 2020. It previously raised a $25 million seed round … Read more

Backed by $5M led by General Catalyst, Evvy launches a vaginal microbiome test to support women’s health research – TechCrunch

Reading Time: 26 minutes Another US femtech startup has joined the race to build up data-sets to support research into and understanding of a range of health issues that can affect women. Evvy has today launched an at-home test kit for the vaginal microbiome. The user returns their swab to the startup for analysis — and gets detailed information … Read more

Accounting firm Proper banks $9M Series A to automate property management – TechCrunch

Reading Time: 7 minutes Proper, an automated accounting and bookkeeping service for property managers, announced Wednesday it raised $9 million in Series A funding in a round led by QED. Existing investors MetaProp, Expa and Bling Capital also participated in the round, which gives the San Francisco-based proptech company a total amount raised of $13.8 million. The company brought … Read more

Why Humans See Faces in Everyday Objects

Reading Time: 7 minutes Human beings are champions at spotting patterns, especially faces, in inanimate objects—think of the famous “face on Mars” in images taken by the Viking 1 orbiter in 1976, which is essentially a trick of light and shadow. And people are always spotting what they believe to be the face of Jesus in burnt toast and many … Read more

Is Social Media Making Us … Better People?

Reading Time: 7 minutes I was nosing around Facebook not long ago, doing the opposite of minding my own business, when I came to a stranger’s post, visible via an out-of-touch university friend. It began with the word “Warning.” My disinhibited scrolling self reacts to such admonitions like teens in a movie react to “DANGER” signs on a rusty … Read more

Review: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD – A Remaster That Truly Soars

Reading Time: 18 minutes Returning to The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword some ten whole years down the line from its original release, you may be expecting, as we certainly were, to be greeted by a core game that’s unavoidably, naturally, beginning to showing its age in some regards. It stands to reason, this is an entry in Nintendo’s … Read more

The Best Laptop Stands to Save Your Achin’ Neck

Reading Time: 4 minutes Whether you’re heading back to the office or working permanently from home, having the right laptop stand can make life more comfortable. It’s probably time to upgrade from a stack of old books, and it’s definitely time to stop craning your neck while you work. The best stands raise your laptop’s screen closer to eye … Read more

Sophia Di Martino’s Chaotic Turn in ‘Loki’ Changed the MCU Forever. So, What’s Next?

Reading Time: 27 minutes This story contains spoilers for the season finale of Loki. Come back and read after you’ve watched. “She’d be spinning in her grave if she knew that I’d given it out.” Sophia Di Martino is guarding her Nonna’s seven-layer lasagna recipe with roughly the same intensity that her Loki doppelgänger, Sylvie, would go about whacking … Read more

Cardless raises $40M to help more brands launch custom credit cards – TechCrunch

Reading Time: 7 minutes Many consumers use their credit cards to rack up rewards to be used toward travel.  But what if you’re a sports fan, and using your credit card could lead to a virtual conversation with a player on your favorite team? Thanks to San Francisco-based Cardless, that opportunity may be less of a stretch than you … Read more