‘Anti-Sex’ Beds in the Olympic Village? A Social Media Theory is Soon Debunked

Competitors arriving at the Tokyo Olympics have discovered something unusual about the beds in the athletes’ village: They’re made of cardboard. Some have shared images on social media of the modular bed frames, which are made by the Japanese company Airweave and are recyclable. Organizers say it is the first time that the beds at … Read more

US, Allies Condemn China For “Malicious” Cyber Activity

The official said US allies were sharing technical advice on how to confront China. Washington: The United States on Monday led allies in a fierce condemnation of China over allegedly “malicious” cyber activity, accusing it of criminal extortion, issuing ransom demands to private firms and threatening national security. In comments likely to further strain worsening … Read more

In France, angry protests, rising infections and record vaccinations.

More than 100,000 people took to the streets across France over the weekend to protest against President Emmanuel Macron’s tough new vaccination strategy, which will restrict access to restaurants, cafes, movie theaters, long-distance trains and more for the unvaccinated. Demonstrators in Paris and elsewhere vented against what some called Mr. Macron’s “dictatorship” after he announced … Read more

Realising the NEP’s Vision of Transforming Assessments in Schools across India – EI blog

The National Education Policy (NEP) affirmed the government’s commitment to education reform. A key focus of the NEP is to transform assessments “from primarily testing rote memorization skills to one that is more diagnostic and tests higher-order skills.” To be effective, these reforms must percolate beyond the national and state level to individual schools. The NEP … Read more

Your competitors can copy everything except this. | Schaefer Marketing Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow}

If I had to pick one marketing theme repeated most often in the guru circles, it is this: “You need to be different than your competitors.” I agree with this by the way. Finding your point of differentiation is essential. If you’re not different from competitors in a remarkable and meaningful way, how in the … Read more

Work, reinvented: Tech will drive the office evolution

In an early May blog post, Google chief executive officer (CEO) Sundar Pichai shared the company’s vision for its workplace future—over a year after the covid-19 pandemic forced offices around the world to shutter almost overnight and employees suddenly shifted to working remotely using Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and a host of other virtual collaboration tools. … Read more

Here’s Why That NES Zelda Sold For $870,000, According To The Guy Who Designed The Packaging

© Nintendo Back when Nintendo conquered the living room for the first time with the NES, one of the key components of that success was branding – something which was handled by GIRVIN Design, headed up by Tim Girvin. The firm worked with Nintendo to create the ‘look’ of the NES brand, from packaging design … Read more

Carlyle to acquire live broadcasting and streaming tech outfit LiveU for over $400M, say sources – TechCrunch

Streaming is the name of the content game these days, and now one of the companies that builds tech to do this from anywhere in the world is getting acquired. LiveU — whose satellite/cellular hardware and software for capturing and delivering live streaming and broadcasting video is used by over 3,000 large media organizations — … Read more

Joe Biden transfers 1st Guantanamo detainee to home country | World News – Times of India

WASHINGTON: The Biden administration on Monday transferred a detainee out of the Guantanamo Bay detention facility for the first time, sending a Moroccan man back home years after he was recommended for discharge. The Moroccan prisoner, Abdullatif Nasser, who’s in his mid-50s, was cleared for repatriation by a review board in July 2016 but remained … Read more

32. A very Happy Teachers’ Day

  Who is a teacher? The Bible of Internet search-Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teacher) describes Teacher or, an educator as a person who give the following to  his or her students: Knowledge Competence Virtues Teachers’ Day-  Teachers’ Day is celebrated to commemorate the birthday of the luminary scholar; teacher and philosopher par excellence; and a widely regarded statesman, … Read more