The QuickBooks error code 6123 occurs while trying to restore the backup of the company file. The error prevents the user from restoring the backup and can lead to essential data loss. This error does not let the user access the company file, and there can be a few reasons why the error occurs. Problems while connecting to the server are the most apparent reason behind the QuickBooks error code 6123. In this article, we are going to provide you with the solutions to resolve this error code.

If you are unable to resolve the error on your own, you can reach out to us at +1 800-579-9430 and get assistance from our support team.

What are the Reasons behind the QuickBooks Error Message 6123?

The possible factors causing the QuickBooks desktop error 6123 are –

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Addressing the QuickBooks Backup Error 6123 Reliably

The QuickBooks error code 6123 can be easily resolved with the help of the following steps –

Step 1. Run the QuickBooks Tool Hub to Fix the Program Issues within

The QuickBooks tool hub utility can be used to fix issues with the QuickBooks application.

  1. Download and save the exe file to an accessible location.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions and install the tool hub to access it.
  3. Now, go to the Program Problems tab and run the Quick Fix my Program tool to detect and fix the application issues.
  4. Once the tool stops running, rerun QuickBooks and try to restore the file backup to check the error status.

Step 2. Utilize the QBFD Tool to Mend the Company File Damage

Next, utilize the QuickBooks File Doctor tool from the tool hub and fix the file damage to resolve the error code 6123.

  1. From the tool hub, navigate to the Company File issues tab and find the QuickBooks File Doctor
  2. Select and run the tool, followed by browsing your company file to fix the damage.
  3. Select Check for File Damage and Network Issues to initiate the repair process.
  4. Lastly, reopen QuickBooks and check if the backup restoration is successful.

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Step 3. Copy the Backup File to the Local Storage and Restore it

Firstly, you need to navigate to the QuickBooks backup file folder and locate the QuickBooks company file folder. Find the file with the .QBB extension and copy it to the local storage of your computer. Now, open QuickBooks and restore the backup from the local location to eliminate the QB error code 6123.


The QuickBooks error 6123 can be easily resolved with the help of the steps given above. If the error code persists, you can reach out to us at +1 800-579-9430 and get assistance from our team of experts in fixing the issue.

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