Random: This Pokémon Baby Clothing Line Is Enough To Make Anyone Broody

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Image: Pokémon

Did you know that there’s an official Pokémon baby brand? Probably not, because it looks like it’s Japan-only, but it’s very cute, and it’s called monpoké.

It was founded a few years ago — we got pretty excited when they registered the trademark, only to find out it was a clothing brand and not a new Pokémon game — and since then, has been putting out some lovely clothing, plushies, and accessories, but ONLY FOR KIDS. You aren’t allowed them because you are a grown-up.

Monpoké has just released the pictures for their upcoming Autumn/Winter 2021 collection, so let’s have a look and bemoan the fact that we either don’t have kids to dress up, or don’t live in Japan so we can’t buy the things anyway.

We’ve got tiny Pikashoes and matching Pikachu and Eevee bags, presumably for storing crayons and Things That Are Sticky:

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