Reasons to go for Service or Repair Before MOT Test

Why Should I go for Service Before MOT?

As you know, the Ministry Of Transport or MOT test is foremost to have once a year. But MOT is not for a new car buyer. People who have a vehicle for more than 3 years need to have an MOT check every year on the due date of the MOT certificate. The renewal of the certificate is mandatory for driving on UK roads. According to a survey, more than 9 million people don’t even know the date of their MOT due. You have to go for an MOT Loughborough when the certificate is going to expire.

Whether you drive a commercial vehicle or a passenger vehicle, driving involves simply going on road trips, lamenting the traffic, or anything. Owning a vehicle entails a great deal of responsibility or care since you are running between other passengers on the road as well as your car polluting the environment (if you drive a gas, diesel, or petrol vehicle). It is your obligation to maintain your car in excellent condition throughout time, in addition to driving carefully and taking all reasonable precautions to safeguard walkers and other people on the road.

How Should I Maintain My Vehicle?

Maintaining a car and a commercial vehicle is a different thing. Since cars don’t carry a high amount of weight and don’t travel every day. On the other hand, commercial vehicles do carry tonnes of weight and travel on a daily basis. As a result, it needs more care and repair and replacement of parts on time. Let’s talk about the car and other passenger vehicles. Your car may be maintained in a variety of ways, from having it cleaned periodically to changing the oil when it is required, all of which are essential to keeping it safe to drive. Whether your car has an issue with tyres, suspension, wheel alignment, lights, exhaust system, or emission, etc you have to go for a repair before an MOT test.

Go for Service And Repair Before an MOT

In case, you go for an MOT without having a repair or service of your car, your car can fail an MOT test (if you didn’t have car service or repair for a long time). If this happens, you will have to fix every issue of the car that becomes the reason for the failure. You can fix the issue with car service, repair, or replacement of the damaged part. You can save your car from MOT failure with the help of a car service. So at first, go for a car service and then for MOT. When you go for a service of your car before an MOT, you will increase the passing percentage of MOT.

Now, it depends on you what type of car service you should choose. There are mainly 3 types of car service available; major, interim or full. You have to choose one according to your vehicle’s condition and per the service guideline. You have the choice of full or major service to maintain the ideal servicing plan for your automobile if the most recent service was more than a year ago. Choose interim service if you didn’t have a service for the last 6 months. Remember, the miles you have covered also play an essential role in car service. For example; if you have covered more than 5000-6000 miles in the last 6 months, you have to go for interim service and then an MOT test.

Few More Reasons to Choose a Car Service Before an MOT

Indeed, one of the biggest reasons for choosing a service before an MOT is to ensure your vehicle is safe on the road. Of course, you will get to know this after the MOT but if you choose service first, you will stay away from MOT failure. Next, your car issue can be resolved before an MOT. However, don’t forget that engine, gear and clutch are not a part of MOT, so if you have an issue with such parts you have to go for repair or replacement if it’s needed. But this parts issue will not let your car fail in the MOT. Spending less money by getting little problems resolved as soon as possible is the other reason for having a service before an MOT.

End up saving the time and trouble of an MOT failure. Prior to your car MOT check, discuss any concerns you want to know about service as well as MOT. Another reason to choose Car Servicing Loughborough before an MOT is to know your car and to guard yourself against shady sellers.

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