Resolve QuickBooks Error the File Exists Without Troubles

QuickBooks is a multifunctional online application used popularly by financial organizations to handle their monetary statements effectively. Like any other online application, QuickBooks also has some glitches such as QuickBooks error the file exists which may arise anytime with any user while working with the application.

This issue can hinder the smooth working experience of the user by promoting an error message such as, “The file you are trying to access can’t open. Make sure it is not used by any other program or is not under read-only mode”.

To crack why this error code arises and how you can fix this, dig into this blog for practical solutions. For a satisfactory result to your queries, contact our support team for help.

Reasons for the File Existing Error in QuickBooks

To find out what triggers the file existing error in QuickBooks, look at the list mentioned below:

  1. Outdated QuickBooks Application: An older version of the QuickBooks application creates unwanted issues in the program.
  2. Incorrect Installation: Installing the program without following the recommended steps and methods can cause issues in the future.
  3. Poor Network: Poor connectivity issues may cause errors to arise in online applications.
  4. Incompatible Windows Settings: Windows Control Settings may interrupt the QuickBooks application.
  5. No administrative rights: The user doesn’t the administrative rights to function the company file.

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Solutions to Fix the Error in QuickBooks Desktop

To resolve this issue completely and continue working smoothly on the QuickBooks desktop without interruption, try these methods:

Method 1: Update QuickBooks Application

  • Right-click on the QuickBooks desktop and select ‘Run as administrator.’ Hit Enter after inserting the login credentials.
  • Reach to the ‘Help’ tab to Select the QuickBooks Desktop option and click on QuickBooks update. In the new windows, click Windows Update and select the ‘Update Now’ option to start the update.
  • Install the updates after agreeing to the terms and conditions of the application. Then re-open QuickBooks to check if the error is gone.

Method 2:  Turn Off UAC Settings

  • Go to the Start button on the Windows desktop and open the Control Panel. Choose the User Account option and select the account in the next window.
  • Select ‘Change the User Account Settings and choose ‘Continue.’ Move the slider to the ‘Never notify’ and hit OK.
  • Start the Windows again and try accessing QuickBooks.

Method 3: Exclude QuickBooks from Antivirus Software

  • Open the antivirus software program from the C-drive and in the app list exclude the QBDBmgrn.exe file.

Method 4: Reboot the System

  • Open the QuickBooks desktop application and select Properties. Find the reboot.bat file by selecting Open File.
  • Click on the Reboot.bat file and choose Run as Administrator. Wait till the black color Windows screen prompts up on the screen.
  • Then start Windows again and check if QuickBooks still shows an error.

Summing Up

We have clubbed together all the important information about the QuickBooks error The file exists an issue. The reasons and solutions for this issue are discussed above. Hopefully, the methods explained in this blog will help you fix this issue efficiently. If you have any other issues related to the QuickBooks Application, you can dial +1 800-579-9430 for support.

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