Singapore’s best Chinese enrichment classes for youngsters

Do you want to enroll your child in a Mandarin Chinese enrichment class? We’ll assist you in locating the appropriate programme!

chinese tuition singapore lessons are one of Singapore’s most popular enrichment courses for youngsters.

This is not surprising given that many parents are concerned about their children’s Chinese ability, given that English is more extensively used at home in Singapore.

Furthermore, if your child wishes to attend a SAP secondary school, Higher Chinese Language will be an important consideration for the PSLE tests.

Furthermore, with the growing importance of China and the Chinese language, many non-native speaking parents see the benefits of having their children learn the Chinese language.

We’ve compiled a list of the top Chinese enrichment classes for children in pre-school and elementary school.

So, whether you want to introduce your child to Mandarin, lay a solid foundation for Primary School, or prepare for the PSLE examinations, we’ll assist you in finding the proper language school!

1. Online Chinese Learning Platform LingoAce

LingoAce, one of the top online Chinese schools, provides secondary chinese tuition lessons for pupils ages 3 to 15.

There are numerous programmes available, ranging from those based on Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) or Mainland China syllabuses to worldwide programmes for students learning Chinese as a second language.

You can also select sessions that focus on specific topics like writing, oral communication, vocabulary reinforcement, or Primary One preparation.

LingoAce excels at keeping students engaged because teachers may utilise interactive elements like as illustrations, animations, and gamification to attract students’ attention and make learning fun.

The interactivity of the sessions, combined with the high quality of the lecturers, results in an entertaining and effective experience.

Classes are also maintained small, with a maximum of four pupils in order for teachers to guarantee that each child receives adequate attention.

One-on-one lessons are also offered.

The online platform makes it simple for parents to book and reschedule classes.

The flexibility and convenience of scheduling classes whenever you want are huge advantages.

  • Your class history, as well as the associated assignments, lesson recordings, and teacher feedback, are all easily accessible via the user dashboard, allowing parents to keep track of their child’s progress.
  • If you want the convenience of online lessons without sacrificing learning quality, LingoAce’s programmes are difficult to top!
  • Course fees start at $21 each lesson. KidStartNow
  • KidStartNow offers Chinese enrichment programmes for preschoolers to upper primary students.
  • The school is dedicated to creating a real interest in Chinese and making studying enjoyable for pupils.
  • Founder Dan Tang understands the difficulties that many parents and children in Singapore encounter when learning Chinese, as he struggled with the language in school.
  • Experienced teachers keep kids interested with activities that mix academic rigour with engaging learning to ensure pupils are both academically successful and enjoy Chinese.

Online resources that supplement classroom instruction

KidStartNow thinks that learning and revision outside of the classroom are equally vital in guaranteeing a child’s success in Chinese.

To that purpose, it has created a proprietary collection of tech learning tools ranging from animated stories and games to AI-powered quizzes and online learning systems.

The online tools are free for all students and have been created to make studying more enjoyable and to allow the child to revise at home with minimum parental assistance.


KidStartNow’s preschool programmes are designed to pique children’s interest in Chinese while also creating a supportive environment for them to learn the language.

Animated stories, games, and speech and theatre activities help kids learn Chinese and lay a solid foundation for Primary School.

Reading is prioritised since KidStartNow has discovered that children who do not read Chinese books suffer in primary school owing to a limited vocabulary.

The preschool curriculum is centred on KidStartNow’s custom produced animated stories, which combine animations, sound effects, and compelling plots to attract children, even those who loathe reading Chinese stories.

Furthermore, all books include read-aloud features, allowing children to study independently.

Primary School

Lower Primary programmes continue to improve vocabulary and speaking ability while keeping learning fun to keep kids interested in Chinese.

Teachers at KidStartNow always aim to incorporate an element of fun into their courses because they are aware that over-drilling kills children’s enthusiasm for Chinese.



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