Study Overseas Intake: What Are They?

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the Indian education system has only one intake,
abroad destinations
often offer multiple intakes to students. Students
benefit from the same since if they happen to miss one intake, they can always
make an application for the next, without having to miss a year. Intakes are
also referred to as terms or semesters.


Intakes Are Offered?

Primarily, are two
intakes, these are Fall and Spring.

These start in
September and January respectively.

On the other hand,
some universities also offer a Summer intake in April.

Apart from the above
generalization, intakes depend on the course and university under


Do Universities Offer Multiple Universities?

Since many decide to
attain education abroad, universities find it arduous to accommodate all the
students in one intake. Therefore, they offer multiple intakes to be able to
meet the influx of demand.

Moreover, if the
student faces any hindrances in one intake, they can make up for the same in
the next intake.

Intake Should You Choose?

that determine your intake decisions are:

Availability of
preferred program

Academic records

Entrance test scores

Acceptance rates

Job opportunities

Readiness on joining
the course

Indian students
looking to study abroad, tend to opt for the September intake since it’s in
progression with the academic calendar in India.


Intake to Choose to Study in USA?

in USA
offer the Fall, Spring and
Summer intakes in September, January and May respectively.

Take into
consideration scholarships, course specializations, part-time work avenues,
internship availability and post-study work openings when making your decision.


Intake to Choose to Study in Canada?

Colleges and Universities
in Canada offer the Fall, Winter and Summer intakes in September, January and
April-May respectively.

Intakes depend on
the courses
in Canada
, such as postgraduate diplomas and undergraduate/postgraduate
programs have distinct intakes.

Diploma courses in
Canada tend to have flexible intakes and in case you miss a deadline, we at
Edwise as study overseas education consultants help you with the same.


Intake to Choose to Study in UK?

in UK
offer Autumn and Spring
intakes in the month of September-October and January-February, respectively.

Certain courses in
UK offer a Summer intake too in June-August.

Students looking to
study undergraduate courses in UK make their application through the UCAS.


Intake to Choose to Study in Ireland?

Intakes at universities
in Ireland
are also known as semesters and are offered in Autumn and
Spring, known as Semester 1 and Semester 2 respectively.

Semester 1 begins in
early September and is till December. Semester 2 begins late from January to


Intake to Choose to Study in Australia?

Intakes at universities
in Australia
are also known as semesters. Semester 1, commences late
February/early March to late May/early June. Whilst Semester 2, commences late
July/early August through to November.

Deadlines for the
Semester 1 intake are in October-November, and for that in Semester 2 intake
are in April-May.


Intake to Choose to Study in New Zealand?

in New Zealand
offer two intakes
also known as semesters, these are from February-June for Semester 1 and July
to November for Semester 2.

Vocational courses
in New Zealand, offer multiple intakes which are in March, April and May.

the current scenario into consideration, intakes to study overseas may slightly
vary. Get in touch with Edwise for expert overseas education counseling.

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