Russian actor, director making first movie in space return to Earth after 12-day mission – Times of India

Reading Time: 4 minutes Film crew member, actress, Yulia Peresild (2ndR), is helped to disembark after the landing of the Russian Soyuz MS-18 space capsule in a remote area southeast of Zhezkazgan in the Karaganda region of Kazakhstan (AFP) MOSCOW: A Russian actor and a film director making the first move film in space returned to Earth on Sunday … Read more

“It Was Unbelievable”: Star Trek Actor Becomes Real Life Astronaut

Reading Time: 8 minutes William Shatner called it the most profound experience of his life “Star Trek” actor William Shatner finally became a real space traveler on Blue Origin’s second crewed mission Wednesday, calling it the most profound experience of his life. “It was unbelievable,” said the 90-year-old Canadian, known to the sci-fi show’s legion of “Trekkies” as the … Read more

Why Penn Badgley Is the “Perfect Actor to Play a Serial Killer” on You – E! Online

Reading Time: 2 minutes Someone other than Penn Badgley playing Joe Goldberg? You‘ve got to be kidding.  Ahead of the You season three premiere, returning Friday, Oct. 15 on Netflix, the cast exclusively dished to E! News about why Badgley is the perfect guy-next-door murderer—and we couldn’t agree more.  The Gossip Girl alum is an international celebrity thanks to his sinister on-screen persona. As season three guest star Shalita Grant gushed, “He’s … Read more

Watch: Star Trek Actor, 90, Becomes Oldest Space Traveller After Blue Origin Jaunt

Reading Time: 9 minutes It marked the second space tourism flight for Blue Origin Van Horn, Texas: Actor William Shatner soared aboard a Blue Origin rocketship on a suborbital trip and landed in the Texas desert on Wednesday to become at age 90 the oldest person ever in space as US billionaire businessman Jeff Bezos’s company carried out its … Read more

‘Star Trek’ Actor, 90, Could Become Oldest Person In Space After Blue Origin Trip

Reading Time: 7 minutes William Shatner, at age 90, is due to become the oldest person ever in space. (File) Van Horn, Texas: Billionaire US businessman Jeff Bezos’s company Blue Origin is set for its second suborbital tourism flight on Wednesday, with actor William Shatner – who embodied the promise of space travel on the “Star Trek” TV series … Read more

r/movies – ’12 Monkeys’ was Brad Pitt’s Career-Defining Performance: It only took one frenzied role for the world to recognize he wasn’t just a pretty face; he was a bonafide character actor.

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Star Wars Voice Actor Reveals Why Droids Became Hilariously Ridiculous

Reading Time: 5 minutes Star Wars canon infamously leaves no stone left unturned, and the galaxy just got a little bit less mysterious. It turns out George Lucas had a lore reason for why the confederacy uses battle droids that have better comedic timing than aiming, and a voice actor from Clone Wars just revealed why that is. Matthew … Read more

Lord Of The Rings Series Actor Promises “Multi-Cultural” Hobbits

Reading Time: 5 minutes There is a lot of anticipation for Amazon’s incoming Lord of the Rings TV series. Touted as the most expensive television show ever, it’s not just another adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkein’s seminal novel trilogy but a prequel which will take place 1000 years prior to Frodo Baggins’ journey across Middle Earth, including both fan-favorite characters … Read more

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin Delays Star Trek Actor William Shatner’s Space Flight

Reading Time: 3 minutes William Shatner, 90, will be the oldest person ever to go to space. (File) Washington: Blue Origin announced Sunday it was delaying an upcoming flight set to carry actor William Shatner to space due to anticipated winds. Shatner, who played Captain James T. Kirk in the cult classic TV series “Star Trek,” is due to … Read more