Facebook Brings Cloud Games to iOS via a Web App

Reading Time: < 1 minute Apple may have indirectly provided the inspiration for the route Facebook took to bring cloud games to iOS. In just one of several instances where Facebook and Apple have butted heads, the social network released a stand-alone Facebook Gaming application for iOS last August–minus the games. The two companies were unable to reach an agreement… … Read more

What are 5 Most Popular Ecommerce App Designer Companies Globally in 2021? – Ads2020.Marketing

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Mobile App Development Trends for 2021 and Beyond

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Pro tips from the team behind Kickstarter’s most funded app – TechCrunch

Reading Time: 7 minutes A 10-step guide by the creators of memoryOS Alex Ruzh is the CEO and co-founder of memoryOS, an edtech startup developing AI-powered gamified software teaching people how to remember anything. Here at memoryOS, we have a saying we repeat often: “Most of the Kickstarter happens before the actual Kickstarter.” Preparation is the key. But even … Read more

VOCHI raises additional $2.4 million for its computer vision-powered video editing app – TechCrunch

Reading Time: 9 minutes VOCHI, a Belarus-based startup behind a clever computer vision-based video editing app used by online creators, has raised an additional $2.4 million in a “late-seed” round that follows the company’s initial $1.5 million round led by Ukraine-based Genesis Investments last year. The new funds follow a period of significant growth for the mobile tool, which … Read more

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Yoobic raises $50M for its chat and communications app app aimed at frontline and service workers – TechCrunch

Reading Time: 10 minutes Slack set the standard in many ways for what knowledge workers want and expect out of a workplace collaboration app these days, but a lot has been left on the table when it comes to frontline workers. Today, one of the software companies that has built a popular app for that frontline crowd to become … Read more

Demand Science Acquires Airborne App To Enhance Global Intelligence Platform

Reading Time: 3 minutes Demand Science, a global revenue intelligence platform, acquired Airborne App, a Toronto-based sales engagement platform that empowers sales reps to organize, automate and manage daily workflows and buyer relationships across phone calls, emails and social touches. Demand Science plans to use Airborne’s sales software solution to help sellers run their day-to-day business with a single … Read more

Sololearn raises $24M for its bite-sized, Duolingo-like mobile-first coding education app – TechCrunch

Reading Time: 9 minutes Coding is not just for engineers and computer programmers anymore: the pace of technology and its growing ubiquity mean that even non-tech roles will require workers to have some degree of knowledge to do their jobs in the future. Today a company called Sololearn — which has built a popular mobile-first education platform to meet … Read more