American Idol: Adam Lambert Reveals Details About New Cover Band Show

Reading Time: 6 minutes American Idol season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert is returning to the small screen as a judge on E‘s new series Clash of the Cover Bands, premiering on October 13 at 9:30pm. Since leaving American Idol, Adam has had a successful solo career and a superstar turn as the lead singer of the rock band Queen. Adam’s experience with performing both on a … Read more

Eidos-Montréal Reveals Full Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtrack, Including New Song From Star-Lord’s Band

Reading Time: 6 minutes Eidos-Montréal has revealed the full licensed music soundtrack players can expect to hear in its upcoming Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game.  As you might expect, it features plenty of 1980s hits as well as at least two songs from Star-Lord’s own in-game band. To celebrate today’s announcement, the studio debuted the very-80s, very-VHS-style music … Read more

Celebrating Six Years of Rock Band 4 – Xbox Wire

Reading Time: 8 minutes Yowza. Six years. In some respects, six years is a blink of an eye. In other respects, it’s an eternity. The world has changed quite a bit since 2015 and, when you consider the incredible churn of the last two years, it can be hard to remember what 2015 was even like. And yet, a lot of the aspects … Read more

Josh Gottheimer and His Merry Band Are Not ‘Moderates’ or ‘Centrists.’ They’re Conservative Democrats.

Reading Time: 7 minutes Kevin DietschGetty Images As the Just-So-Crazy-It-Might-Work double-dip infrastructure creature groans its way through the House of Representatives, having hit its first serious roadblock Monday night, it’s helpful to keep our terms as clear and as accurate as possible. Here’s the first rule: Rep. Josh Gottheimer and his merry band of DLC nostalgics are not “moderate … Read more

IELTS Speaking test strategies for a 7+ band Score – Study Abroad – Make Your Dreams a Reality

Reading Time: 6 minutes You must wonder if there’s any special speaking trick that candidates who achieve an 8 or 9 in IELTS Speaking, use for their test preparation. Of course, there’re numerous ways you can learn to improve your speaking but, the key to getting a higher score in the speaking test is to sound more like a … Read more