All Three of Esquire’s Limited-Edition Bespoke Post Boxes Are Back—For Now

Not to toot our own horn or anything, but Esquire‘s partnership with Bespoke Post is pretty damn good. So good, in fact, that the first two limited-edition boxes we released in 2021 sold out—and the third one is well on its way to doing the same. We get it. Really, we do. How does one … Read more

3 Simple Steps to Ensure the Perfect Christmas Gift Boxes

Christmas is that part of the year when the gift boxes sell like hotcakes. The Christmas boxes are a popular way of showing your loved ones how much you value them. These boxes spread happiness. Moreover, they are a great means to help the young ones feel the joy associated with this festive occasion.  The … Read more

With Coercion and Black Boxes, Russia Installs a Digital Iron Curtain

[ad_1] Russia’s boldest moves to censor the internet began in the most mundane of ways — with a series of bureaucratic emails and forms. The messages, sent by Russia’s powerful internet regulator, demanded technical details — like traffic numbers, equipment specifications and connection speeds — from companies that provide internet and telecommunications services across the … Read more

8 Weed Boxes (and 2 CBD Subscriptions) to Keep You Fully Supplied This Year

Courtesy Marijuana dispensaries aren’t what they used to be. Most buildings that are new and legal—in those U.S. states that permit them—are gleaming, white, and brightly lit. You hear terms like “the Apple store of weed” thrown around as the industry adopts a shiny, law-abiding aura, and perhaps that’s intimidating. Head shops haven’t really gone … Read more

11 Mom-Approved Subscription Boxes for Kids

[ad_2] my family has really gotten into subscription boxes this year. Covid-19 vaccinations have loosened restrictions for many, but my two young kids are unvaccinated. For us, life remains just about as socially distanced as it was last year. A weekly or monthly gift subscription goes a long way toward relieving the monotony. Erratic shipping … Read more

Graze With Chocolate and Cheese Picnic Boxes

[ad_1] Graze With Chocolate and Cheese is a new picnic box business located in Strathfield. They create picnic boxes across Sydney that contain cheeses, charcuterie and a range of desserts and sweets all delivered to your door! Heather Abdallah is the woman behind Graze With Chocolate and Cheese. This mum of three boys has worked … Read more

EA Exec Can’t See FIFA Dropping Loot Boxes, Even Amid Potential Law Changes – IGN

[ad_1] An EA executive has said that can’t see FIFA’s approach to monetisation in its lucrative Ultimate Team mode changing, even amid law changes that could see loot boxes classed as gambling. In an interview with Eurogamer, EA Chief Experience Officer Chris Bruzzo was asked how the company would react if the UK – one … Read more

Imagining FIFA Ultimate Team without pay-to-win loot boxes

[ad_1] After I’d wrapped up my interview with EA’s Chief Experience Officer Chris Bruzzo on FIFA’s loot boxes, I felt like I was clear on one thing: the company is willing to lightly edit the way Ultimate Team’s controversial monetisation works, but the fundamentals? It’s sticking with those. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. In … Read more