Tips To Build Your Teacher Brand

Building a teacher brand is as essential as Upskilling. To convey what you do, how you do it, your passion for it and what value you add to your work is why you probably need to work on your teacher brand. Digital space is the way to go in the future. Creating an online presence … Read more

Why B2B Companies Need to be Brand Oriented | Welcome Software

We tend to think of branding as a largely consumer-focused exercise. But in reality, its scope has expanded far beyond B2C industries. Today, 77% of B2B companies say that branding is crucial for growing their business. And yet, only 54% have a structured program in place to measure, influence, and shape their brand. In other words, there … Read more

What is the Ideal Brand Marketing Team Structure? | Welcome Software

If you had one word to define your brand marketing structure, what would it be? You could go with organized, centralized, next level, efficient. Well, in 2021, your team structure should be all that and a little bit more. Don’t get left behind. Right now, there’s a revolution in how B2B and B2C businesses structure … Read more

4 Ways To Measure Brand Awareness – Marketing Insider Group

What do you think of when you hear the words “laundry detergent?” What about soft drinks? Fast food? Computers? Cars? Your answers probably looked something like: Tide, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and Apple. That’s brand awareness in action. Brand awareness, or the extent to which consumers know and recognize your brand, is critical in today’s crowded digital … Read more

4 Tips For Measuring Your Brand Lift In Google Search

It’s become clear that a siloed approach doesn’t win the online marketing game. We’re all in the same chase to attract new eyes and retain loyal customers, after all. However, unless you are selling products online or generating leads, it can be difficult to show what digital marketing and advertising as a whole are bringing … Read more

How to Align Your Brand with Purpose-Driven Consumers

Share: Today’s discerning customers have high expectations from the brands they choose to associate with. According to the 2020 Consumer Culture Report, 71% of customers prefer to buy from brands that align with their values, while 83% of Millennials stress the importance of value alignment. When values don’t align, customers … Read more

Grow Your Influence, Build Your Brand: 4 Powerful Ways to Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn isn’t just for keeping tabs on your old colleagues anymore. Many small business owners have found incredible benefits from including LinkedIn as part of their social media strategy, from building brand recognition to connecting with valuable mentors to finding new clients. While you can gain plenty of traction simply by posting now and then, … Read more

Ramping Your Brand For Exponential Growth

Marketing Podcast with Dr. James Richardson In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Dr. James Richardson. He is the founder of Premium Growth Solutions, a strategic planning consultancy for early-stage consumer packaged goods brands. He is the author of Ramping Your Brand: How to Ride the Killer CPG Growth Curve. He … Read more

What Goes into Creating a Brand Strategy and Identity?

From coffee shops to software apps, consumers today have multiple options. They make their choices based on their perceptions of companies. Your goal is to create a business brand that is so compelling consumers view it as their preferred choice. Achieving this level of brand identity takes time, patience and discipline. But it’s well worth the effort.

When done right, your brand strategy supports your brand identity, and your brand identity creatively aligns with your brand strategy. They work together to strengthen the way consumers view you. As a result, they are the foundation for strong and robust digital marketing programs.

Here are six vital ways to strengthen your brand by creating a rock-solid brand strategy and brand identity.

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The Essential Guide to Brand Reputation Analysis

Much of your company’s growth depends on discussions that take place in rooms you are not in or don’t even know exist. According to Gartner, nearly 52% of SMBs looking to buy software use user reviews to assess their options. Other studies found that customers read at least ten reviews before making a purchase, and … Read more