Check Out This RICK & MORTY-Themed G-SHOCK Watch — GeekTyrant

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hey kids! G-SHOCK has teamed up with Adult Swim to create a Rick & Morty themed watch for all you fans out there! Little known fact about me, I used to collect G-SHOCK watches. I managed to stop, but then this watch comes along and I’m like, “Damn! I need to get me one of … Read more

Recurring Stimulus Check Petitions Have Over 3.5Mn Signatures Now |

Reading Time: 4 minutes There are six petitions ongoing that call for Congress and President Biden to issue monthly recurring stimulus checks worth $2000 for as long as the pandemic lasts. Collectively, they have over 3.5Mn signatures. Over the summer, there had been a surge in the number of COVID hospitalizations, cases, and deaths, but now they are steadily … Read more

Stimulus Check: Another $500 Might Be Issued Across The Next 3 Years |

Reading Time: 4 minutes 2021 continues to be a year where performance is being recognized and tested. The same goes for the federal stimulus checks. So far, physical location has been a factor for how many people got how much in stimulus checks. Ann Arbor’s Planned Radical Stimulus Check Program Local governments and states have aided the federal efforts … Read more

Check a Cars History before Handing Over Your Hard Earned Cash – ReadWrite

Reading Time: 13 minutes Purchasing a second-hand car can either give you a complete nightmare or a fantastic experience. However, it depends on your knowledge when you sign the deal or offer your hard-earned money to the car seller. Many used car organizations are well-known in Australia. But there are still a few that will be delighted to sell … Read more

Getting A 4th Stimulus Check: States Hand Out Their Version As The Federal Government Dithers |

Reading Time: 4 minutes A 4th stimulus check seems unlikely from the federal administration at this stage. President Biden has put all other incentives on hold as it attempts to push through the massive infrastructure bill worth $3.5T. The colossal spending will result in a substantial lift to the economy. But the benefits will be indirect, and it will … Read more

Stimulus Check In 14 American States: You Could Be Among The Lucky Ones |

Reading Time: 5 minutes Several states have got into the act and have stepped up efforts to offer state stimulus checks on their own. The federal administration remains mired in discussions over the domestic agenda at present. The Democrats are finding it rough to push through the social spending and the infrastructure bills. The preoccupation effectively puts on hold … Read more

Non-Federal Stimulus Check: State And Local Governments Give Out Their Version As Washington Wavers |

Reading Time: 4 minutes Even as the Biden administration faces sustained opposition from the Republicans in its bid to get through the infrastructure bill, the 4th stimulus check is on hold for now. But several local and state governments have got into the act and are providing funds to citizens in dire need. The pandemic has proved that timely … Read more

Looking Beyond The Stimulus Check: The Need For Sustained Support To Low-Income Citizens |

Reading Time: 4 minutes The sustained support of the federal government in the form of stimulus check made the pandemic tolerable for a majority of low-income Americans.  Two-thirds of Americans were hit hard and were hard put to provide even for the basic needs of the family. Putting food on the table and paying for rent and utilities would … Read more

4 Dead In Gang Members, Police Shootout In Mexico During Security Check

Reading Time: 3 minutes The shootout was the second major incident in Matamoros in Mexico. (Representational) Mexico City: A car chase and shootout between gang members and law enforcement near Mexico’s northern border left three members of the powerful Gulf Cartel dead along with one bystander, officials said on Saturday. The incident began on Friday evening in the border … Read more