WhatsApp Has a Secure Fix for One of Its Biggest Drawbacks

Reading Time: 7 minutes The ubiquitous end-to-end encrypted messaging service WhatsApp melds security and convenience for 2 billion people around the world. But there’s always been a big limitation: The service relies entirely on your smartphone. You can use your account on desktops or through the web, but you’re really just interacting with a mirror of what’s on your … Read more

UK tells messaging apps not to use e2e encryption for kids’ accounts – TechCrunch

Reading Time: 16 minutes For a glimpse of the security and privacy dystopia the UK government has in store for its highly regulated ‘British Internet’, look no further than guidance put out by the Department of Digital, Media, Culture and Sport (DCMS) yesterday — aimed at social media platforms and private messaging services — which includes the suggestion that … Read more