I Fear the American Fringe Is Marching Into the Mainstream

Reading Time: 7 minutes Per-Anders PetterssonGetty Images All around the country, the lunatic fringe is expanding into the fabric of our daily lives until, one day, I fear that we’re going to wake up and discover that the fringe isn’t a fringe anymore. Friday’s contributions to this rapidly metastasizing situation come from both coasts. First, in California. From KPIX … Read more

Amazon betrays its fear with petition to sideline FTC Chair and antitrust hawk Lina Khan – TechCrunch

Reading Time: 6 minutes Amazon has petitioned that the newly minted Chair of the FTC and implacable critic of the company, Lina Khan, be recused from decisions relating to the company. The company argues that she has been too outspoken about the failure to regulate Amazon to handle matters impartially. It will be for the FTC to decide, and … Read more